Got Survey Questions

Green Cross.Crosses

LifeWay Christian Resources offers you the opportunity to add questions to one of their up-coming surveys. Get reliable answers to the …
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What is the Best Model for Small Group Minsitry? (Doug Berry – Rock Harbor)


Testimony: What is the Best Model for Small Group Ministry? Interview with Doug Berry (Rock Harbor - Former SG Pastor, Director of …
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Theology Matters…No, Really It Does


What songs should we choose for the worship service? What should we do for our fall campaign? How many minutes should the sermon be? How …
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You Need Felons & Millennials on Your Staff…Now!

Barbed Wire ~

"Artie, where do find such great staff?" I was asked that question by a group of pastors several weeks ago. I told them we hire felons, …
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Consistency Counts

Not Giving Up

Statistically, this is the time of year when most people abandon the goals they set just a few weeks ago, giving into the idea that change …
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Why Envy is a Ministry Killer

Green Burst

If you want a quick way to derail your ministry, envy someone else’s ministry. It’s the top barrier to fulfilling God’s purpose for your …
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Great Vision, Bad Execution – 6 Common Mistakes


It’s a delight to watch teams get clear on the future. But it’s a fright to see that hard work of visioning go south when it comes to …
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Serving in an Unhealthy Situation


A couple I know was approached about working at a prominent Christian organization. They expressed appreciation for how much good the …
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How To Make Your Ideas Work

How to Make Your Ideas Work -

Organizations, businesses, churches and individuals come up with new ideas all the time, yet many of these ideas never come to completion. …
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Insights on Leadership From the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

The 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge will occur on May 27, 2012.  This memorable event affords a great opportunity to consider …
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