Burst Your “Like Minded” Bubble


Ever read something that required you to read it a couple times because of the depth of its meaning? That happened to me when I read the …
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Bringing Leaders Together – Bill Donahue


Bringing Leaders Together Bill Donahue (Executive Director of Small Group Ministries at Willow Creek Community Church)   Bill …
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Getting Everyone to Serve in Your Small Groups


Have you ever been playing basketball and had someone take the ball inbounds, dribble it down the court, and shoot it without ever passing …
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Shawn Lovejoy on The Measure of Our Success

The Measure of Our Success

We recently caught up with Shawn Lovejoy between breakouts at Exponential. His new book, The Measure of Our Success, was debuted during the …
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Four Elements That Lead To a Great Offering

Offering Plate

Last night my wife and I attended Gwinnett Church which is North Point Community Church campus that has just started not far from our house. …
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Video: Your Church’s Involvement in Caring for Orphans


Embedded media from Saddleback Media Center At Saddleback orphan care is one of our signature issues. We have a goal of 1,000 families …
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“One of a Kind” – Interview with Leonard Sweet and Steve Gladen


“One of a Kind”Steve Gladen invterviews Leonard Sweet on small group ministry Small gorups can help us live lives that are signed by Christ. …
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5 Musts for Lasting in Ministry


By Steve Gladen This month is pretty special for me. I started the journey in fulltime ministry 29 years ago in the month of September. …
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Pluck and Plop Evangelism or Flip and Flow Evangelism

Pluck Plop

What's your approach to evangelism and disciple making? Dr. John DeVries, founder of Mission India, introduced me to the concept of …
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It’s Okay to Be an Uncool Church


Is your church defined more by its reaction to “boring” churches than by its response to a needy world? I had to sympathize with rock …
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