What Are You Boasting About?


This is what the LORD says: “Don’t let the wise boast in their wisdom, or the powerful boast in their power, or the rich boast in their …
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It Really Doesn’t Matter


I was reading an article yesterday in the Harvard Business Review Blog called The Unimportance of Almost Everything. It’s a terrific article …
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Hatfields & McCoys: 5 Beliefs That Make Me One Too

Hatfield McCoy

The History Channel attracted almost 14 million people  to "Hatfields & McCoys" on Memorial Day.  This realistic retelling of the …
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Major General Richard Smith Testimony: Community and Memorial Day

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 3.43.43 PM

Major General Richard Smith (Oak Hills Church): Small Group Community and Memorial Day. Watch as Major General Richard Smith describes …
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A Theological Framework for Understanding the City


As the world hurtles towards urbanization at an ever-increasing pace, there arises the need for further theological reflection on the city. …
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7 Principles in Sustaining and Growing Healthy Small Groups

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.51.09 AM

Steve Gladen and Brett Eastman give 7 Principles in Sustaining and Growing Healthy Small Groups. 1. Begin with the End in Mind 2. …
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Four Disciplines For Leading with Clarity

Clear Vision

An organization doesn’t become healthy in a linear, tidy fashion. - Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage Patrick Lencioni’s latest book The …
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5 Steps You Can Take Now to Hear “Well Done” This Fall

Good Job

Just like the three servants in Jesus’ story in Matthew 25, all of us want to hear “well done.”  Strictly speaking, all of us want to hear …
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Sustaining Healthy Small Groups


Training:7 Principles in Sustaining and Growing Healthy Small Groups by Steve Gladen and Brett Eastman Play Testimony:Major …
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How to Stop the Stumbles in Your Productivity Workflow


It’s inevitable that even the most productive of us will lose focus once in awhile. (Some of us more than once.) I have my fair share of …
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