Improve Your Sermon Titles with These Four Questions


If your sermons are meant to transform lives, then the titles you use must relate to life. Writing a great sermon title is an art you must …
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The Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God

Kingdom Matrix

One of the evangelical world’s greatest areas of both interest and confusion is found in biblical theme of the Kingdom of God. In an era of …
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One Request That Will Transform Your Next Sermon Series

Dice - 4 - Rosmary - Creative Commons

Does the following scenario describe you? You have done your study. You have spent time in prayer. You have created your outline of the …
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Why God Puts Up Barriers & Blockades

Stop Ahead

Guest column by Jeff Iorg One of the most puzzling spiritual dilemmas is discerning the difference between a barrier and a …
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What to Do When Your Church Has Stopped Moving


Remember Newton’s first two laws of motion? Here’s a refresher… First law: Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform …
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Shareable: Ways to Encourage Those Who Lead

Give Thanks

Share these ideas with members of committees, teams, Bible classes and other church groups. You’re a member of a Sunday School class, …
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30 Memorable Quotes from the 2012 Global Leadership Summit

Global Leadership Summit 2012

Another Global Leadership Summit has come and gone. My head is full and my heart is moved.  I’ve got some processing to do to figure out …
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TECH: What If You Could Record Your Entire Life?

All My Life

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- The greatest struggle the rising generation will have is knowing too much about the world around them -- and so …
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Greatest Leadership Influence: Six Lessons of Fatherhood

father son

I once did an interview for an online publication, and one of the questions was: "Who has been the greatest leadership influence in your …
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Free e-book: Porn-Free Church


Covenant Eyes is offering a free e-book, Porn-Free Church: Raising Up Gospel Communities to Destroy Secret Sins. The book is meant for …
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