What’s Next in GroupLife?

Old Group

Ever wonder what’s next in grouplife?  Have any ideas? In 1996 I heard about an experiment at Willow Creek called a Taste of Community. …
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7 Reasons Your Church Needs An Elevator Pitch

Elevator Button

Quick... In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church, instead of the fifty or so others scattered …
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Doing Discipleship Post-Resurrection Style

Sermon on the Mount

I’ve heard plenty of talk about discipleship and multiplication recently, and it usually goes something like this… If you want to make …
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What Can You Pull Off in Three Weeks? Block Party with a Purpose


What could you pull off with just three weeks notice? Could you plan and pull off a block party? Think about your block. What would you …
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Seven Things to Do If Your PK Wanders


As a son, I know firsthand what it means to wander from the faith. In my early 20s, I walked away from God, the Church, and my family in …
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What Makes a Salesperson Great


Ever wondered how great salespeople get to be great? Here’s what I have discovered about great salespeople: They help me, not sell …
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Are You Called Or Comfortable?


Recently I posted this on social media: If you choose to remain under someone with low leadership capacity, be sure you are called & …
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Small Group Spiritual Gifts Inventory


By: Brett Eastman A Spiritual Gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church. 1 Corinthians 12:7 NLT A …
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When Workplace And Church Meet – Slow Down, Relax, Smile

slow down

Recently I worshipped with my friends, Roc and Kim. Attending another church with friends is a rare and welcomed opportunity for this …
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Study: Broadcast TV Nudity Up 407 Percent


America's parents likely don't need any evidence television content is getting worse, but a new study shows there was a 407 percent increase …
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