5 Power Tips for Preaching From An iPad

I'm in the middle of delivering my sermon from my shiny new iPad. I'm focused on making the point and communicating God's truth from His …
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What I Desire to Reproduce

Reproducing Cells

As a pastor/leader God has given me the humbling opportunity to spiritually influence His sheep. Last week I was challenged with the …
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Giving Back to the Community Is Giving to Christ!


I met Pastor Jason Lane in Little Rock, Ark. several months ago. He attended The Multiplication Workshop and then headed back to lead his …
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Embracing the Unchangeables


I first remember hearing this foundational principle taught when I was 16 -- learn to accept, be content with, and thrive in the …
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How to Build Trust Within Your Staff


Good teams trust one another. Good teams trust their leader, too. Imagine a football team where the quarterback couldn’t trust his wide …
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A Powerful-Simple Sermon Outline


In the process of wrestling with God over Mission, Vision and Direction, I "fell into" a new sermon outline that has proved to be extremely …
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A Letter to the Discouraged Pastor


Dear Discouraged Pastor, The God who hung the stars is big enough to hang a shining light of guidance over your staff challenges. Plus, …
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What’s Next in GroupLife?

Old Group

Ever wonder what’s next in grouplife?  Have any ideas? In 1996 I heard about an experiment at Willow Creek called a Taste of Community. …
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7 Reasons Your Church Needs An Elevator Pitch

Elevator Button

Quick... In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church, instead of the fifty or so others scattered …
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Doing Discipleship Post-Resurrection Style

Sermon on the Mount

I’ve heard plenty of talk about discipleship and multiplication recently, and it usually goes something like this… If you want to make …
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