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  1. Mullinsmichael April 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    a solo message “Commission of Living Hope” from Luke 24:46-49; this is a key task Christ gave His followers soon after His resurrection

  2. I’ve committed to preach thru the Bible as our people read thru the Bible this year so on Easter we will be in 1& 2 Samuel. So I am preaching on the blood covenant between David and jonathan and emphasizing the grace extended to Jonathan’s family. I will draw the distinction of how this is a picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

  3. Rob Gulliver    I started in my new position as lead pastor in our current church in January. The church has been thru some difficult times but there is a sense of new beginnings – of new things. God put it on my heart to preach a series this year on “Taking the Promised Land.” Easter will be part of this for Christ’s death and resurrection opens the door for us to step into the fullness of God’s promises which He has promised for His people. Not 100% sure how He will tie it all in but the Spirit is faithful!

  4. On Easter I’m beginning a series on the theme of running. Our local community will host a marathon in June for the first time ever, so the series will end on race day. Easter will focus on running away from the tomb (as Mary did to tell the disciples). And running toward the tomb (as Peter and John did).

  5. Good Friday will be “The Colours of the Cross”. 





    Still thinking about Easter Sunday

    • For so long we have used Black for sin and White for perfection. While not intended, sadly these teaching techniques of the church reinforce racism. We unconsciously teach that black is bad and white is good. Think about it. Thanks.

      • Hi Coleen,
        Thanks for your reply. While I understand your argument, it is a form of Political Correctness to which I do not subscribe. Black is simply a color, as any other. People naturally associate colors with ‘things’. Eg, yellow for the sun, green for grass, etc. We use black to emphasize the darkness, and foreboding nature, of sin. In our congregation we have a number of very dark African folk. These folk use the analogy of blackness for sin in their own conversations. They find it an apt analogy and take no personal offense. Nor do they assume it is referring to their skin color. 
        But thank you for your reply.
        With Gods blessings.

  6. Our theme for this year is obedience, so I am going to preach about Jesus obedience to the cross (as humanity and divinity fought in the garden)

  7. We’re opening our brand new worship center on Easter Weekend, and we’ve just changed the name of our church. So, we are starting a new series on Easter weekend we’re calling ‘LAUNCH’ – and it will be an 8 week series through the book of Acts. We have put together a 56 day devotional guide for the book of Acts so that our people will go through every part of Acts, even though we’ll only preach 8 messages on it. It will help epople get into God’s Word personally beyond the weekends, create momentum as we can invite people into new small groups just for the series.

    We’re calling it ‘launch’ because the ascension of Jesus, which is Acts Chapter 1 ‘launched’ the Christian movement. As our church ‘launches’ the opening of a new worship center and a new name, we are part of a larger launch that began many years ago – the launch of a movement that touches hearts, changes lives, and changes the world. We are inviting people to launch into the incredible adventure of being part of this movement! and the book of Acts provides the perfect soul stirring, inspiring storyline! And yes, I’m preaching resurrection AND ASCENSION on Easter.


  8. Starting a new series called “Shame Breakers”. Lot of shame on that first Easter and lots of shame still today. Going to take 6 weeks and look at 6 shame breaking statements.

  9. We’re in the middle of talking about holiness, and Easter Sunday will be about entering into God’s rest, complete with an “altar call” for people to dedicate themselves and enter God’s rest.  

  10. This year I will begin a new series on Easter Sunday.  It is called “God’s Boundaries For Abundant Living”.  It will be a series based on the 10 commandments.  I am finding that beginning a new series on Easter Sunday is a good way to draw people back the next week.

  11. Enjoyed reading others’ plans.  (Cool to see the Ephesians plan JRaker listed.  We’re in a semester-long Ephesians walk-through that we’ll break from for Easter!)

    We are having our Easter worship at a newly renovated amphitheater nearby.  The theme is ‘Beyond the Dark.’
    A closed tomb is naturally dark.  Beyond the dark of one tomb was resurrection.
    A self-led life is naturally dark.  With Christ, it can move beyond the dark.
    The primary content will be answering the question: How does the empty tomb of Jesus change my life?

  12. Starting a series through Ephesians on the Body of Christ, calling it “The Source.” Jesus is the source of our life, our relationships, everything. One chapter per week so not going verse by verse

  13. I started a series on March 4 called “Transformed by His Presence” (my theme for the year is Transformed).  I am looking at individuals transformed by being in the presence of Jesus.  Easter Sunday is “Case Overturned” starring Mary Magdalene and John (2 of the first at the tomb). The series will end on April 29. 

  14. Need some ideas actually.  Want to launch a relationship series on Easter, but not sure how to tie it in to Easter.

  15. I am 6 months into a 4-5 year series on the Life of Jesus looking chronologically through all 4 Gospels. Just so happens I will be preaching on the 1st cleansing of the Temple the week before Easter and then next on the agenda is John 3:1-21. Couldn’t have planned this if I tried.

  16. Matthew Lee Smith March 15, 2012 at 11:02 am

    After a horrific church split in 2009-2010, before I came in December of 2011, it is clear that forgiveness and healing is needed. Therefore, I am preaching a series, starting on Easter, entitled “90 Days of Forgiveness.” It starts with the message, “A Costly Forgiveness” on the murder of Jesus. We will include a 12 week Small Group series with it and launch new small groups starting Palm Sunday / Easter week. 

  17. I recently received an email expressing a need to understand how to do more than merely “survive” but how to really thrive in a passionate life. After studying 1 Peter’s passage about how we have a living hope, I’m launching a very short (2 or 3 part) series on “Alive to Thrive.”