• linnie badgley

    I totally agree with the all questions you raised. I recently had to fill out a form and spent an enormous amount of time trying to find an appropriate By the way, if anyone is facing a problem of filling CA CIV-130, I’ve found a template here https://goo.gl/mfCw2H You also can esign the form and fax it.

  • Robert Denmark

    Would like help in doing sermon outlines

  • Ed Cook

    I use “What?” (what does the text say?) “So what?” (what does it mean?) “Now what?” (what does it call us to do?) -e.

  • Gunnar Ahlquist

    An outline I sometimes use, that I got from Paul Scott Wilson, is:
    Problem in our world
    Problem in the Word
    God’s solution in the Word
    God’s solution in our world

  • Alan Rothlisberger

    Hook Book Look Took … I learned in 1975 came from Lawrence O. Richards

  • Thank you for this article! I often use this the structure für preparing the sermon and it’s goal (cf. Pestalozzi “Learning by head, hand and heart”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Heinrich_Pestalozzi)
    – Head – something to think
    – Heart – something to feel
    – Hand – something to do
    – Feet – something to go

  • Randy

    I think you’re overthinking things bud. 3 alliterated points, throw in a poem and a heart-tugging story (that doesn’t have to be true as long as it’s powerful) and BAM. You’re done.

    • huh?

      you mad bro?

      • Randy has a solid point, no need to tease. There are audiences and situations for which simple approaches are the best. For a brilliant example of using a simple approach, watch old Zig Zigglar videos and bask in the wisdom of the simple pitch.

  • nathancreitz

    There’s another one that I learned in seminary and I find it helpful at times:
    Interest (Grab attention)

    Need (Surface the underlying need or problem)
    Satisfaction (Point to Scripture)
    Visualization (Captivating illustration of how the need is satisfied)
    Action (Appeal to find satisfaction and hope in Christ)

    • Andy

      That’s Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. The 6th stage would be Rebuttal, other people may say (x), but this is why my point or solution is best.