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  1. Joni, hang in there. The devil has those in the church who have his M.O., modus operandi. Continue to stand firm in love. It is also a refining process like what Peter went through. I have pastored over 40 years and seen it all, well almost all. Listen to the Holy Spirit and walk in His assurance. Also read through the Major and Minor Prophets. They were and have been a huge source of comfort to me over the years. The Lord will send you times of refreshing. Praying for you

  2. You disrespected and you must take it. If you decided to confront and resolve they flare up in your face. Quite frankly, I am not sure how much more I can handle.

  3. Right now I do not want to get close to anyone. Church people hurt Pastors too much till your very heart is knocked out of your chest. They gang up against you with their friends.

    • Joni, I’m sorry you’ve gone through some experiences that have left you feeling this way. Churches are made up of sinful human beings whose self-interest often gets in the way. So I get it. At the same time, not every church is like that. There are churches that are truly driven by purpose and not personality, by mission and not by politics. I think it’s up to all of us to show the way, to speak the truth in love, to let our speech be seasoned with grace, and to put ourselves out there, even at the risk of getting hurt again, for the value of having friends. I’m praying for healing for you!