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  • Gordo

    Good reminder. Thanks

  • disqus_5GcG85WDdl

    There’s principles but it really depends on what kind of people you are dealing with, the circumstances, context and what you are capable of doing.

  • KKs Mom

    Rick – I am really curious to know why you refer only to the old testament and not directly to Matthew 18:15 which contains the new testament instructions on how the new testament church is supposed to deal with conflict?

    Instead, you refer to Nehemiah where, interestingly, it seems that Nehemiah was accusing the leaders of the day of unfair treatment of the people. It seems that this passage might be more applicable in the case of a congregation being mislead by an abusive pastor?

    Your thoughts?

  • GRIFFIN salima

    I am greatly blessed and encouraged. Conflict handling can be a daunting task to ministers and your teaching will go a long way. We had an all night of teaching and already 5 local congregations out of 34 have enjoyed the teaching. May God richly bless you. You are welcome to Malawi in Africa.
    Stay blessed.
    Evangelist G Salima