‘Bible storying’ is key to reaching 2/3 of world


By Guest Contributors Don Graham & Barbara Denman Bible storying holds the key to evangelism in the U.S., with 50 percent of all Americans being functionally illiterate. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach two-thirds of the world’s population who “learn through stories or music, drama or poetry.” “If you hand them […]

Standing with the Sikh Community Today


Sikh Temple

This morning, we saw horrible violence at a Sikh Gurdwara. Several have died and all the details are not clear at this point. However, we know a terrible act of violence has been perpetrated against the Sikh community. Christians stand with and pray for the Sikh community today. As Christians, we stand up for freedom […]

The Silver Bullet for Disciple Making


Silver Bullet

“Silver bullet”— Any straightforward solution perceived to have extreme effectiveness; a phrase that typically appears with an expectation that a particular practice will cure a major prevailing problem. i Based on my 30+ years in studying the process of evangelism and church growth, I can confidently say there is a “silver bullet” for fulfilling Christ’s command […]

Q&A: ‘Orphanology’ Author Says Adoption Shouldn’t Be ‘Plan B’


orphanology orphans

Every adoption story is unique, but the tale of how pastor and author Tony Merida came to see he should adopt — essentially, through his own sermon — likely is quite rare. When Merida was asked to preach at a youth camp on the subject of poverty, he began studying the subject in-depth, looking at […]

How Churches Can Partner to Plant New Churches


Multiple Plants

Denominations don’t plant churches.  Churches plant churches. This is why churches should be proactive about church planting rather than waiting for denominational boards and agencies to get the job done. Having said that, most churches don’t have the resources to plant another church on their own, so they need to partner together with other multiplication-minded churches […]

I Am a Foreigner


Kids in Dominican Republic

I don’t like that word. I don’t like to hear people called “foreigners” on American soil. And frankly, I just don’t care that much about the politics of immigration. I’m a Christian, a stranger and a foreigner in this culture. My citizenship is in another kingdom, so I’m odd and strange because of my beliefs […]

The Measure of Our Success: An Interview with Shawn Lovejoy


Measure Success

I’ve known Shawn Lovejoy for several years. He planted and has pastored Mountain Lake Church for the past 11 years, and leads the ChurchPlanters.Com conference, which I’ve been pleased to speak at a few times. Shawn is one of the good guys– he loves his church, he loves his wife, and he loves pastors. As […]

Your Church Will Die (Part 4: The End is Near)


Abandoned Church

Several weeks ago I started a series of posts called Your Church Will Die in which I outlined the natural life-cycle of a church. Since then I’ve shared the concept with several individuals and groups which has clarified and expanded my thinking on this idea of natural progression of growth in a local church congregation. […]

The $10 Evangelism Project



By Mark Coppenger, professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. When planting a church on Chicago’s North Shore, we hosted a variety of short-term mission teams who joined us in a range of outreach efforts, all with a Gospel witness — from door-to-door surveys to concerts in the park to bottled water handouts along […]

Is Self-censorship by Believers the Greatest Threat to Religious Expression?



A letter recently published on my local newspaper’s editorial page helpfully summarized the view of many secular folks when it comes to religious expression in public. We “stand for separation of church and state,” the letter writer declared. “Pick your religion, believe what you want, pursue greater knowledge toward that end. Do it for yourself […]

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