Your Church Will Die (Part 2)

Abandoned Church

Last week I wrote that I think your church will die, and it stirred up quite a bit of conversation. Today I’d like to expand on that thought and say that I think your church should embrace death. (Not in the “wear sneakers and drink kool aid” creepy way). Embracing death could change the landscape […]

Church Busy-ness


Churches are busy—and proud of it, aren’t we? We love to boast about all we’re doing: whether it be on the Web, in worship guides, or even billboards. We’re often proud of “all we offer” to our community. One church I know of has boasted “over 152 ministries for you and your family.” Most of us don’t go […]

New Research: Nearly Half of Online Users Use Internet for Religion

Browsing the Web

Earlier this year, I wrote on 12 positives and 12 precautions of technology and faith. The intersection of faith and technology is a topic of increasing importance for churches. Simply put, we must embrace tech and web to engage in this time and place. Last week some new data related to this topic was released […]

Your Church Will Die (Part 1)

Abandoned Church

I think that your church will die. I don’t mean in the metaphysical die-to-self sense. I mean in the cease to exist, disappear from the planet, pushing up daisies sense. And not just your church; I think all churches will eventually die. I don’t think it is because church leaders are doing anything wrong. If […]

Rick Warren Inspired Movie – Home Run based on John Baker and Celebrate Recovery Ministry


Interview with John Baker on Home Run the Movie Saddleback Church’s popular addiction program, Celebrate Recovery, is coming to theaters soon. “Home Run,” a story about overcoming trials and tribulations, recently wrapped in Oklahoma and is slated for release next September. It is the story of Cory Brand, a baseball star who battles and defeats […]

We Don’t Care About the Great Commission

The Great Omission

Do we, as the American Church, care about the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20? As I write these words, I imagine that many of you reading, whether you’re a pastor or a committed Christ-follower, are thinking about foreign missions when you hear about the Great Commission. And you should. At Transformation Church, where I […]

A Theological Framework for Understanding the City


As the world hurtles towards urbanization at an ever-increasing pace, there arises the need for further theological reflection on the city. Globalization, international immigration, and densification in cities are having a transformative impact on the urban landscape. Urban mission is at the forefront of many denominations, church planting networks, ministries, and mission organizations yearning for […]

Ask People, “What Can We Do For You?”


If you study the ministry of Jesus, you’ll notice one of the first questions Jesus asked whenever he met someone was, “What do you want me to do for you?” Have you ever asked that of your community? That’s not building the church on marketing; that’s being like Jesus. Whether it was the lepers, the […]

5 Reasons Your Church Should Serve Single Moms

Single Mom

With an estimated 15 million single mothers in the United States and numbers increasing daily, it is imperative that the local church have a thriving single mothers program. It is estimated that 67% of single mothers do not actively attend church.  As the church – the body of Christ – this should pain us. It […]

Tell the Truth


We live in a generation where knowledge is power.  It seems that if you know the most, you have power over those who know less.  We esteem information over just about everything else.  This is why we are often consumed with learning how to do things better.  We spend hours and days in training and […]

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