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  1. Thanks to you my new church is growing every day

  2. Bulls eye Kenny! Been there, almost word for word, got the T-shirt :-) Praise God for knowing when it’s time to move on.

  3. Your article spells out very clearly what has been happening to my husband. He is an associate pastor who sheparded our church through a tumultuous period following the discovery that the senior pastor had been involved in affairs. Because my husband had helped so many, the church stipulated that the new senior pastor keep my husband on as his associate. As you described, we naively expected to have a good working relationship with this new man. But soon it became apparent that this would not be the case. There has been criticism., micromanagement, belittling, petty oversight of my husband’s schedule, lack of respect for his ideas and public humiliation. Our senior pastor is a wolf and he has ravaged my husband’s confidence. How do you fight a person like this if you can’t leave?

  4. Great Insight. I was very aware of these principles. However, I got more focused on pleasing and protecting the leader than God – which was a detriment for a 5-year journey to this date of recooperation. Lee McFarland – a wolf behind the man at the pulpit. At least I knew to leave, but still hurts today after investing 10 years within the church.