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  1. Carletta Lillian Lundy April 10, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Excellent article! Tonight, our Pastor was sharing with the leadership the importance of telling our story out of the same context as you have done in this article. But is so amazing is that I stood to confirm for him that without me knowing what he would share with us tonight or that he would talk about sharing our story in this context, that the in me doing research to answer his question how do we measure the success in our ministry, that this was the last article that the Holy Spirit sent me to and I just knew in my spirit that this was it. So, I gave the article to him and hoped that he appreciated knowing that God is always working around us and that He confirms His words to us through other people confirming what He has spoken into our hearts (AMEN)! Again, great article. I’m serve as a part of our Christian Education Ministry and I’ve shared with our AWANA leader and the Minister of our Christian Education & Discipleship Ministry… To God Be the Glory!