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  1. This rendering is very simplistic and doesn’t begin to show the meaning of the words. Alexander Strauch’s book “Biblical Eldership” provides a truly in-depth look at what “pastor,” “elder,” and “bishop” mean.

  2. Funny thing is that in the examples we have of “pastors” in the churches in the bible there is always a plurality. Never is there only one who holds power over the congregation. It doesn’t even make much sense to me why the term pastor was even used by translators when the other times that Greek word is used it is translated shepherd. Just some food for thought. Seems like our culture has changed the meaning of “pastor” to equate the role of preacher.

    • Whether the leader be a man or a woman, it is extremely important to be a pastor/shepard to the congregation. Yes, we should preach the love and sacrifice of Christ so that people can be saved, but those can be empty words to an unchurched person who only sees a person in a pulpit, and never in a hospital room, playground, funeral home, or at a shut-in’s home.