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  1. Um, women have always been as lustful/visual as men. I don’t know why people, especially other women, just blindly accept the idea that men, for whatever reason, have more of a visual sex drive than women. Back in ancient times, this stereotype went completely the other way around; people believed that women were more sexual than men. female lust is nothing new or recent.

  2. I am a Christian leader, pastor, teacher, and wife. I will not be reading or seeing 50 Shades of Grey. I heard about this book some time back and determined that it is not becoming of a leader to engage in this type of lustful behavior. Christian women, stand up for what is right and pure! You are all leaders in some way. You are a role model for your children, both sons and daughters. You are a role model for your sisters and brothers in Christ, family, co-workers, etc. We are all leaders and teachers. We must live what is right, holy, and pure in order to teach it. Remember, others are watching you.