The Most Dangerous Words Church Leaders Use

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Recently I posted a question on Facebook (you ought to like Church Simple) and Twitter: What are the most dangerous words in a church leader’s vocabulary?   I had some great (and telling) responses, here are a few that got me thinking: Me or I: The public nature of ministry can make it easy to […]

No More Giant Apps — a Browser is All You Need


On my bookshelf sits a copy of the B&H Publishing Group classic trade book from 1991, “Help, There’s a Computer in My Church!” Surprisingly, I have yet to be able to convince our leadership team to convert it into ePub so we can start selling it again on the Barnes & Noble Nook… but I […]

The Value of a Sabbatical


My family and I have been away on a Ministry Sabbatical. Why did we need a Sabbatical? The word Sabbath, of course, means rest. That’s what we needed this month. I actually do believe that Senior Pastors need MORE of it, because of the tireless schedules and demands on us. Every year, as soon as […]

Leading for the First Time


by Brett Eastman Sweaty palms are a healthy sign. The Bible says God is gracious to the humble. Remember who is in control; the time to worry is when you’re not worried. Those who are soft in heart (and sweaty palmed) are those whom God is sure to speak through. Seek support. Ask your leader, […]

Don’t Dabble in Gray Areas; Use Boundaries to Deter Sin


By Kevin Ezell A pastor I know well had hidden marital infidelity for years, but it recently came to light. The truth about this is continuing to emerge, but enough of it’s already out there to make me grit my teeth when I think about it. The reason for my strong response is I know […]

7 Keys to Preventing Pastoral Burnout


I have the incredible opportunity to interact with pastors regularly. In recent conversations, I have asked two questions. First, have you ever experienced burnout in your ministry? Second, what do you do to prevent pastoral burnout? Interestingly, every pastor with whom I spoke had experienced some level of burnout. So they spoke from the voice […]

God to Supply His Vision for Your Congregation

Look again vision sight

Vision is indeed powerful. However, for those of us who are Christ followers, we don’t believe in vision as much as we do “revelation”. The vision we have for our lives, comes from God! We don’t make up the vision for our life. We get it from Him! It’s a revelation from Him! Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) […]

The Importance of My Kids Just Seeing Me


By Mike Goeke, associate pastor at Stonegate Fellowship Church in Midland, Texas. A friend of mine recently referred to his missionary dad as his “hero.” As I creep into the back half of my 40s, being a hero to my kids holds more allure, and the legacy of my life seems to take on more value […]

The $10 Evangelism Project


By Mark Coppenger, professor of Christian apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. When planting a church on Chicago’s North Shore, we hosted a variety of short-term mission teams who joined us in a range of outreach efforts, all with a Gospel witness — from door-to-door surveys to concerts in the park to bottled water handouts along […]

Is Self-censorship by Believers the Greatest Threat to Religious Expression?


A letter recently published on my local newspaper’s editorial page helpfully summarized the view of many secular folks when it comes to religious expression in public. We “stand for separation of church and state,” the letter writer declared. “Pick your religion, believe what you want, pursue greater knowledge toward that end. Do it for yourself […]

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