5 Ways To Lead Leaders


Leading Leaders

By necessity, ministry – children’s & family, in particular – requires us to lead in perhaps the hardest leadership arena possible: the volunteer arena. However, whether volunteer or paid staff, leaders are leaders, and we need to focus our attention on them in order to accomplish our grand vision. Easier said than done! But here’s […]

Create a Caring Church



By: Brett Eastman If you want to create a church community that really cares for one another, the best way to do it is through small groups. When small groups become the vehicle for care-giving, the whole church gets involved in sharing one another’s burdens—a much more personal approach than relegating the task to a […]

How Should Your Church Respond to Tragedy?


NYC - Battery Park: Jerusalem Grove and Battery Labyrinth for Contemplation

Early Friday morning, while I slept at my house 12 miles away, James Holmes entered Theater 9 at the Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado and began firing a variety of weapons into the crowd. By the time he was done he had killed at least 12 innocent victims and shattered the lives of dozens more. […]

6 Reasons Pastors Should Work A Month In Advance



It’s Tuesday morning early in July. I sit down at my laptop computer and begin planning for the next worship experience at Church Requel. I’m not working on next weekend, five days away. I’m working on August 5th – almost a month away! Such working ahead does not come naturally to me. In college I […]

Transformation Takes Time



By: Brett Eastman How small group leaders cultivate spiritual growth Our small group, like most small groups, is comprised of people with varying degrees of Christian maturity. One lady arrived as a spiritual seeker. Within time, she committed her life to Christ and was baptized. The evening of her baptism was a special time for […]

Mission Possible



By: Brett Eastman Why leading a small group is not impossible with an extraordinary God When you think of “mission,” do you envision taking God’s Word to people in remote places, like Africa or Asia? Do you imagine living a Spartan lifestyle, stripped of all the comforts of home? Do you think of abandoning friends, […]

9 Ways NASCAR Racing Reminds Me of Ministry


NASCAR Racetrack

I married a North Carolina girl and into a family that loves NASCAR.  We try to catch a couple of races a year, including this year traveling to the Kentucky Motor Speedway. NASCAR racing might not help us be better ministers, but perhaps the key aspects of the sport can remind us of essentials we […]

7 Questions for the Imaginary Leadership App


iPhone App

A doctor friend was subscribing a medication for me once, and pulled out his iPhone and began to insert my age, gender, weight, current medications and it told him what to give and in what dosage! Dang…Nice! Then it suggested the correct medication, and warned of other medications or activities that should not be taken […]

How to Deal with Distracting Foxes



A couple of days ago, I had coffee with a pastor in town who is a close friend. We get together to encourage and support each other on a regular basis. Often, God speaks into my life through this guy and always at just the right time. This time was no exception, and it was […]

Creating Team Players



By Brett Eastman 5 ways to get everyone committed to contributing to your group When it comes to getting everyone to participate in your small group, it’s important that you—their leader—know your level of openness is the primary factor in setting the tone for the group’s involvement and openness. Along with that, here are 5 […]

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