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iPhone AppA doctor friend was subscribing a medication for me once, and pulled out his iPhone and began to insert my age, gender, weight, current medications and it told him what to give and in what dosage! Dang…Nice!

Then it suggested the correct medication, and warned of other medications or activities that should not be taken or done while on this prescription.

I want one of those for leadership!

I think Apple should develop a leadership app for Pastors and Church leaders! Wouldn’t that be cool. Like, any problem we had to face, we could turn on Siri, and ask a question…

1- Who’s the best person for this new position?

2- What’s the most powerful series we could do next month?

3- What about that immoral issue with that influential leader?

4- What outreach would build the Kingdom the most?

5- Who should I be investing the most in?

6- What’s the best use of our resources right now?

7- Should we promote ***____ and bring him on staff?

That would be a rockin App! Just plug in all our stats and DNA, and it would “magically” and “Logically” give us the “right” answer…Wrong!

The Kingdom of God doesn’t operate…

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A couple of days ago, I had coffee with a pastor in town who is a close friend. We get together to encourage and support each other on a regular basis. Often, God speaks into my life through this guy and always at just the right time. This time was no exception, and it was powerful.

I was sharing honestly about a few minor financial and relational struggles. As I took a sip of my Americano, he looked me in the eye and said, “Those things are just foxes meant to distract you. Stay focused on Jesus, Kurt.”

The instant he used the word “foxes,” I knew precisely what he meant. Foxes aren’t wolves, or bears, or terrifying beasts. They can’t eat you. They can’t haul you off to their lair. You’re never going to die from a fox attack. But they sure can be a HUGE pain in the derriere, especially when you let them distract you.

Years ago, I visited a friend in Scotland. He had about fifty acres of some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen. While there, he told…

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By Brett Eastman

5 ways to get everyone committed to contributing to your group

When it comes to getting everyone to participate in your small group, it’s important that you—their leader—know your level of openness is the primary factor in setting the tone for the group’s involvement and openness.

Along with that, here are 5 ways to get your small group members to participate in group life:

1. When you ask the first question, you should answer it first. When you’re done, simply ask, “How about somebody else?”

2. Don’t rush responses, but learn to enjoy silence. Wait patiently with roaming eye contact. You might count to 7 or say, “I can wait longer than you!”

3. As soon as someone says anything, affirm their response, whether it is a great answer or a one-word response. Make it safe for people to share their thoughts.

4. Ask for volunteers to read the Bible passage or a paragraph from a book. But don’t put anyone on the spot unless you know they don’t mind reading.

5. Pass the baton to another member to host the group next time. This will scare his or her socks off but grow his or her faith as a result.

Remember, God’s dream for…

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Begin a new first-day-of-school tradition at your church! Plan a community-wide coffee for moms after they drop kids off at school. It begins right after the school bell; so if your district’s elementary, middle and high schools start at different times, plan three coffees.

There’s no formal program—simply fellowship and a sincere, encouraging time of prayer for the children. Advertise with an exterior sign, and create Facebook and email invitations for members to forward to friends.

State a half-hour schedule, such as 8:00-8:30 a.m., so working moms may be enticed to come, too.

Your planning team—a mom from each grade level, a minister’s or deacon’s wife, and a senior adult woman—plans advertising and schedule, and they delegate responsibilities for the details. Since moms will be wildly busy getting kids ready for the first day of school, a senior adult ladies’ class could prepare and serve drinks and light snacks. Create a celebrative mood as guests arrive, and use the first fifteen minutes for snacks, informal conversation and friend-making. Ensure a welcoming atmosphere by assigning friendly moms to intentionally meet and include newcomers and members.

Invite the pastor’s wife, if she’s available….

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Here’s the deal – you can’t control everything.

I know, you are a leader and you think you can. But here is what I see everyday … when we speak with leaders that ask us about our virtual executive assistant service …

  • Exasperated leaders trying to do it all never feel like they get ahead
  • They have employees who don’t ever feel like they win
  • Work/home life balance way out of whack
  • Frustrated by mounting deadlines and initiatives
  • A nervous feeling like the other shoe is going to drop

Sound like you? You’re not alone. It is common to hear and see leaders that think that the only way to get ahead is by controlling everything. What a weary place to be!

How do you slay the beast of control? You simply start to trust others. You find qualified people and you delegate to them. But don’t miss this … delegate results not tasks. When you give responsibility to others to help you achieve your outcomes, you kill the falsehood that says you can do it all & control it all. It’s a lie.

You are not your work or job! You…

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By Brett Eastman

Some of you have been leading groups for six years — hosting is old hat for you. Some of you have been doing it for six months and may be looking to become a better host. And some of you just completed your first six-week study and, frankly, are still recovering from the experience.

Some of you may have stories like mine: John, who was a leader of a college group I was in for six weeks, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Brett, I think you’re ready to facilitate a group with a few other guys.”

“Dude, I don’t even know where my Bible is, let alone what’s in it.”

He said, “Brett you’ve been very faithful, and we’re desperate; we need somebody to help these few guys.” I said, “Thanks for your honesty, but I’m a little scared, and I don’t think I can do it.”

He persuaded me to lead, despite my insecurities. All I had to do was call and connect with a few friends.

Over the next couple of years, I experienced community unlike anything I had ever experienced with guys. I was given the awesome opportunity to witness Jesus’ ability to shepherd my heart, as…

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To live missionally, discover ways to live on mission that others can do with you or like you. Habits and practices embodied together in community with other Christians will be replicated. Others will do what you do.

And it’s crucial to following Jesus. We must do what Jesus did. We must follow His example. That’s what disciplemaking is really all about.

What are you reproducing?

If someone was to do what you did today, would they be any closer to Jesus?

Success in making disciples if often linked to what you are reproducing. Consider how you can simply help others to do what you do.

I texted my friend back… “So – what do you want those who follow you to do? Do that!!!”

If you want to make disciples who make disciples – figure out what you are trying to reproduce!

Today’s Missional Challenge: Make it reproducible! 

Check out Dave’s book on missional living.

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The most important question a church or ministry can ask about their online presence is this:

Who is in charge of the website?

If you can answer this, you’re light years ahead of most organizations. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not.

What ends up happening in most ministries and churches is that no one is in charge. Or everyone’s in charge. The debate is still raging for which one is worse, but I’m pretty sure Dante’s seventh circle of hell is reserved for website administration discussions.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

The bottom line is that you need to give someone the keys and say, “drive!” Answering the “who’s in charge” question allows the following things to happen. (By the way, you could answer with one specific person or department. What matters most is that someone(s) has ownership of the website.)

1. Eliminates role confusion.

Many a church administrator has been reduced to tears when trying to sort through the crushing content demands of a church website.

“This link is outdated. How do I change it?”

“I can’t find the information I need for the Underwater Basket…

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Colton Kvapil“Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without… trying to be something we aren’t” (Romans 12:6a, MSG).

Are you selective about the leadership roles you accept? Are you leading from your strengths?

Most leaders simply respond appropriately when called upon. We just roll with the flow. We try to make people happy with us. We do what’s expected of us. And we have the audacity to call it “being led by the Spirit.”

Really? Why, then, do we so often feel so weak and ineffective? Why do we so often resort to getting things done by gritting our teeth, grinding it out, and doing our duty begrudgingly?

With MLB’s All Star Game taking place tomorrow (July 10), maybe we can learn some lessons from Cincinnati Reds All Star 1st baseman, Joey Votto, and his hitting hero, Hall of Fame outfielder, Ted Williams.

Votto currently is on pace for a major-league record 68 doubles, which would break Earl Webb’s 81-year-old record of 67 set in 1931. No wonder he’s an All Star.

Votto was selected in the second round of the 2002 draft by the Reds. After…

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Kenny Luck talks about his men’s curriculum “Risk” and “Sleeping Giant”

Steve Gladen interviews Kenny Luck in this video on how to use his men’s curriculum. Starting with Sleeping Giant, encourage the men of your church to awaken, to move from the audience to the army, from affiliated to activated, from lackadaisical to on-fire for God! As our culture decays around us and evil wins one battle after another, a giant sleeps.

Following Sleeping Giant, learn how to use Risk where men are challenged to go to the next level in their faith – say “goodbye” to predictability, your comfort zone, playing it safe – and “hello” to a radical trust in Jesus Christ. This book and workbook set is the first in the God’s Man Series and will help men to experience a deep faith. The workbook exercises help participants to apply the principles learned in the book.

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Crossed WiresChurch planting is tough!

Often times when I reflect on my experience starting a church at 25, I realize that I was naive. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about the church, the gospel, the Spirit, the mission of Jesus, leadership, spiritual authority, disciplemaking, preaching, worship, sin, accountability, and spiritual transformation.

I’m amazed when I think that we actually got a church off the ground. And yet I am quite aware that it was not something that I did or our church planting team did.

It was clearly something God did. In reality, God is the one who plants churches.

I’m not the church planter. God is the church planter.

And until I understood that, I don’t think that my efforts had much impact.

In fact, I view the first four years of our church plant as “church planting Dave’s way.” I thought I knew what to do and how to get the church started. I was wrong. It was a hard lesson to discover that I had been relying too much on my own abilities and not on God as the source of everything!

After a rocky start and some significant…

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We all have days when every little thing that can go wrong does go wrong. Often our biggest problems are those little problems that keeping adding up to frustrations, irritations–and, then, a very bad attitude.

Paul says dealing with these frustrations is actually an acid test for your Christianity; it is what separates believers and unbelievers in the eyes of others. Philippians 2:14 says, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, ‘children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.’ Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” (NIV)

If Jesus isn’t Lord of the little things in your life, then, he’s not really Lord. Your faith isn’t as much determined by what you preach about or how you perform in whatever ministry role you’re in, but it is how you act at the breakfast table on Monday morning.

So how do you cope with these little things in a way that honors Christ? Here are four questions to ask yourself:

Did I cause it? The Bible says in Galatians, “A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7, NIV) Often we bring on our…

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