Smiling Is Not Enough: Top 10 Mistakes of Church Greeting Teams

Greeting at Church

The team at Auxano enjoys playing the role of “secret worshipper” when we take a church through our visioning process called the Vision Pathway. We call it a guest perspective evaluation. As I prepare to debrief a church again tomorrow, I want to share some general insights on welcoming ministry and hospitality for guests. Here […]

3 Ways To Create A Culture of Humility in Your Church

Bowl and Towel

When I first started pastoring, I wondered why people in the church were so arrogant. They would find a reason to criticize everything leadership did, no matter what it was. They weren’t very generous with their finances or resources, and I couldn’t get them to volunteer for any of our programs. I wished I could […]

5 Requirements for Being Used by God

Clay Pots

If you’re a Pastor or church leader of any kind, you most likely found yourself in that place because you want God to use you. And chances are, you want God’s help releasing and freeing other people to be used by God as well for both ministry and mission. The question is, what kind of […]

The 5 “R”s to Remembering Names of Everybody You Meet


You walk into the hall after church. A young man bounces up to you and starts talking like he has known you forever. He looks familiar, but you can’t remember his name to save your life. Sound familiar? Remembering names is hard! If half the people in your church knew your dirty little secret – […]

Three Pillars of a Strong, Dynamic Ministry


When it comes to leading a strong ministry and building a healthy church, it takes more than solid theology or smart strategy. In fact, it takes a combination of those, plus the Spirit’s leading and empowerment. I think of these three as pillars of a dynamic ministry. Every church needs to be led by a […]

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion For Ministry

Passion Lost

Passion is a hard thing to describe or pin down. We sense when we have it and when it’s gone, but we aren’t sure how to explain where it comes from, or why we have it, or what to do when it goes away. And because this is the case, it can be really tricky […]

Churches That Change to Be Healthier Experience 5 Renewals (Part 2)


I wrote last week about the first two of these five renewals through which God takes us as we become healthier. And here are the other three. Missional Renewal The third renewal is missional renewal or “purpose renewal.” This stage of renewal has to do with “purpose.” In missional renewal our church realizes that we […]

Churches That Change to Be Healthier Experience 5 Renewals (Part 1)


If you are being led to change the way your church serves God’s purposes, it is helpful to understand the process of renewal. Many leaders want to start by changing the structure of their church. However, this can be destructive for you, your leadership and your church.  People don’t like to change unless their hearts […]

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Young Pastor in a Small Church

Small Church

94% of churches in America are under 500 people. That’s a real statistic. Go ahead, look it up. This was surprising to me because most of the time it feels like we only hear about the largest 1% of churches. To be fair, those churches are creating amazing content and sharing incredible stories that need […]

5 Vital Principles About Vision


A vision is beyond just a good idea. It must be a God idea. God does not obligate Himself to our good ideas or brainstorming sessions. God commits Himself to us when we connect with His heart and vision for the world. There are five principles about vision I want to share with you today. 1. […]

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