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  1. I love the Word as we step into the life of Paul as he experienced the plethora of “good things”, whether secular or sacred, that can de-rail our ministry impetus. Taking a wide- eyed optic view of Acts 17, we can see that there were basically three kinds of people in this formidable and glorious chapter; you decide which you will classify yourself in.
    1. The Bereans: noble in character, searching the scriptures with great eagerness, believing and receiving the message,
    2. The Jews: stirring up contention and following those who pusue Jesus’ ministry with white hot passion,
    3. The Epicureans and philosophers: intently listening, and doing nothing but talking about the latest ideas.
    You decide! Pick your purpose in Him and go for it with gusto!
    Paul had Gospel grit, do you?
    Loved your focus Brandon, keep it up!

    Letty Vendrell~
    Compassion International-Southeast Region