The Importance of Multi-Generational Worship, Part 2


“One generation shall commend Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.” – Psalm 145:4 Music is vital to both Old Testament and New Testament worship. One cannot read through the book of Psalms, itself a hymnbook, without seeing the obvious emphasis on music both vocal and instrumental. While the New Testament is […]

Worshipping In the Powerful Presence of God


Kayla Bailey

Guest artist Kayla Bailey leading worship at Grace Hills Church. What does it mean to worship “in the presence of God”? Sometimes we take our terminology for granted. After all, isn’t God always present everywhere? And in reaction to our feel-good, experience-driven culture, many church leaders conclude that we over-rate the importance of the weekend experience. Perhaps, […]

Changing Your Ministry Culture from Managing to Mentoring


Building Strong Worship Leaders

Part 2 of the series: Building Strong Worshippers For the second time this week Joe felt like he had reached the end of his rope.  As the Worship Pastor in a growing church, he constantly felt overwhelmed and under-prepared.  Regardless of how hard he worked, how early he came into the office, or how many […]

79 Questions to Ask a Potential Worship Pastor



Greg Atkinson recently posted about how his campus is seeking a new Worship Pastor and he posted his list of possible discussion points for the world to read. We considered the list an extremely valuable starting place for a potential interview for any staff position. Here are his 79 questions: What is your definition of […]

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