The Jesus Film: Taking the Gospel to the Mobile World

By Staff

Jesus Film Mobile App ScreenshotThe story of Jesus Christ is one that is unchanging, no matter how you present it. But technology and our way of communicating is changing, and so is the way we share the gospel. Through a link on any social media site, or via a text message, or even chatting over coffee with someone, we can share the Bible with others. But what if there were a simpler way to witness to others at your fingertips?

Literacy rates, electricity or even speaking different languages is no longer a barrier for sharing the gospel with others. The JESUS film project has created a way to ease the burden of how to share Jesus’ story with everyone. Jesus Film Media app, available on iOS now and soon out for Android, is just the way to do it. This new app allows users to access the complete library of The JESUS Film Project, some 66,000 video clips. Providing the original 2-our film, JESUS, with 61 teaching segments in more than 1,150 languages; Magdalena, The Story of Jesus and My Last Day, all subsequent films about Jesus’ life and death; and the entire Global Short Film Network library, subtitled in 8 languages – all at your fingertips.

Almost all smart phone users have their phone within 3 feet of them at all times – day or night – so this is one of the most convenient ways to share the gospel. For those who are nervous and unsure how best to witness to others, this is an easy, stress-free tool to use. Just choose a video and hit play for your friends, family, or even a stranger you meet on the bus.

If you travel abroad often, work as a missionary in another non-English speaking country, or have a neighbor who speaks another language, this app allows you to share the life of Jesus without the language barrier. This app has videos in over 1,100 languages in the palm of your hand.

With the new Jesus Film Media app, there are no more boundaries for sharing the gospel. Instead, this app allows people to share the knowledge and love of God and his son Jesus Christ to everyone we encounter every day. Check out the app on iTunes here. If you’re an Android user, it will be out shortly. Staff

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