Jesus Didn’t Hesitate

By Scott Couchenour

Hope Restored

Jesus didn’t hesitate. He reached down and grabbed his hand. Then he said, “Faint-heart, what got into you?”

(Matthew 14:31 MSG)

Peter. The rash one. Tosses out an ultimatum to Jesus who is walking on the water as the wind and waves beat the boat back and forth.

If it’s really you, call me…

Jesus calls him and soon Peter is out of the boat and focused on the circumstances and not the Savior. He begins to sink. But Jesus doesn’t hesitate. First he reaches out to save. Then he talks with Peter about his faith.

You are called.
Circumstances are alluring.
Jesus never hesitates.
And then there’s faith.

Source: Serving Strong

Scott Couchenour

Scott Couchenour is a certified life coach and founder of Serving Strong, a resourcing and coaching service to ministry leaders. Serving Strong exists to eliminate burnout from the ministry equation. He is also VP of Operations for Cogun, Inc., a company that helps churches expand their ministry facilities through consulting, design coordination, and construction. Scott flies around in an empty nest in Ohio with his wife of over 26 years. He has two grown children. Scott believes in the local church and pursues a God-given passion to enable pastors to serve strong. You can visit Scott's website at and follow him on Twitter. Follow @servingstrong