If Our Message Is Worth Sharing, Let’s Be OUTSPOKEN

By Tim Schraeder

Church communication has changed dramatically in the last decade or so.

Think about it. Ten years ago church communication largely consisted of announcements made from the pulpit on Sunday mornings and a bulletin which was assembled by a church secretary. The idea of a website was still rather foreign to most churches and most church marketing budgets were spent on YellowPages ad.

Times have changed.

In today’s world churches are faced with a complexity of different options from online video, email, social media, texting, and everything in-between. Email updates are replacing bulletins and full-time members are now helping churches communicate effectively.

facesThings are no longer the same.

As believers and those who are engaged in full-time ministry, we have the obligation to communicate the unchanging message of the Gospel in a way that’s relevant to our ever-changing world.

Churches used to be able to advertise in the YellowPages or with a clever marquee on their sign, but most people are “visiting” churches for the first time online.

People are more engaged online, consuming more data through mobile devices, and words like “tweet” are a common part of our everyday vernacular. ┬áIn the wake of these massive changes in our culture, the church has one of the most important message out there: the gospel. Unfortunately, we’re not typically communicating it well.

For the last seven years, ChurchMarketingSucks.com has served as an invaluable resource for church leaders and communicators who are wrestling with this tension between the timeless message and our hyper-connected culture. And now, the Church Marketing Sucks and its parent organization, the Center for Church Communication, are thrilled to release their first book: Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication.

Outspoken is comprised of over 70 short essays covering a variety of topics related to church communication, including branding, design, leadership, technology, creativity, outreach and more.

Over 60 authors contributed to the project including: KemMeyer, Brad Abare, Phil Cooke, Leonard Sweet, Jon Acuff, Tony Morgan, Charles Lee, and other great minds that influencing and shaping the way leading-edge churches are communicating.

Whether you are a pastor who wants to see your church communicate well or someone who’s tasked with helping your church engage online more effectively, there’s plenty of great ideas and content presented in the book for any church, regardless of size or background, to apply in their individual context.

Outspoken is available in print or Kindle format on Amazon. You candownload a sample chapter here or by visiting OutspokenBook.com.

We’ve got a message worth sharing – let’s be OUTSPOKEN!

Tim Schraeder

Tim Schraeder is a church communications specialist, working with churches across the country through his role in church relations with ChurchSolutions Group and as co-director of the Center for Church Communications, the parent organization of ChurchMarketingSucks.com. Tim is also the generaleditor of the forthcoming book, Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication. He blogs his thoughts on church communications at TimSchraeder.com and blogsin under 140 characters @TimSchraeder.