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  1. The music of life is played on the tension of what is and what is becoming. Let the song of Christ flow through your tears.

    It’ll be okay. Just breathe.

  2. Thanks pastor Rick.
    It’s been 3years since certain people i had in key places in the church sabotaged me, caused members to dessert our church. We want through financial hardship, lost our building. We basically came to “ground zero”.
    I have struggled to get back up again all along since then. I have prayed, fasted, forgiven the perpetrators and people who desserted me despite all God has done for them through our ministry.
    I am grateful that God has kept my family safe all through this storm. Though the devil has been working hard to scatter us.
    Please pray with me.
    Pastor Samuel.

    • God bless you pastor Samuel! I am currently pastoring in Puerto Rico and can definitely relate! I will pray for you and your family! :)

    • Level ground under the cross May 17, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      Pastor Sam to draw from words…not to justify anyone. Obviously we don’t have all the facts but I’m drawing from your words to paint a common problem in the church of Jesus Christ

      You said KEY people in THE church sabotaged YOU
      caused members to dessert YOUR/OUR church
      You have forgiven the perpetrators and people who deserted YOU despite God has done for them through YOUR ministry…
      But I wonder if we hear from the perpetrators what we would conclude???
      Any fault on your side to confess and repent of?
      Jesus owns the church. It is He who draws people to His church. He uses some in different roles in the starting of it but never to own it. When the people who make up the church are not taken good care of, taught or fed well or grounded in the love of Christ, this sort of thing happens…they leave and churches return to ground zero.
      As you struggle to get back up again learn to cherish the people Jesus will bring in HIS church not YOUR church. Church leaders are meant to serve, feed, train, teach, equip and prepare the sheep. Take your issues to the owner of the church or you will return back to ground zero. There is always another Pastor around the corner praying for more sheep to be sent into his/her fold. Learn to care, love and forgive yours. Church leaders are not any better or superior to the rest of their members…REMEMBER THAT. Leaders are not meant to lord over their members but to serve them. That’s what Jesus said. The greatest among you should be the servant. That is the way of the kingdom.

      • Level ground under the cross my heart goes to Pastor Samuel, I seems your words are not encouraging to read.. At some point being a Pastor we might get wrong, but that does mean that members should capitalize on that and dessert the church and leave the Pastor bleeding. When Pastor Sam said OUR CHURCH, it doesn’t mean he is owning the church, he is just sharing the painful experience he had with some self serving people.. Yeah, we know that God is positioning His people on the battle ground, we can do nothing about that but to pray and trusts Him who called us.. But don’t school us, that the problem when people leaving the Church is on the Pastor, as if we don’t feed, love and serve them.. That is unfair words to say, because you don’t really know the real score, though forgiveness is already given, but sometimes the scars in there. That is we always pour our hearts to God to give us strength to go on.. SPEAK WITH LOVE MY BROTHER.. Chuck Swindoll once said, SO MANY PEOPLE STOP, BECAUSE TOO FEW PEOPLE SAY GO.. To Pastor Sam, my brother, keep serving, never lost hope.. The gates of hades will not prevail against the Church, keep in mind, we as Church is on the attacking side, the devil is on the defensive side, and the Church will always win the battle.. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, shine on you, strengthen you, bless the church you are serving even more, and bless your family too.. In due time you will reap the harvest, stay faithful to your calling my brother..

        Pastor Roy Martinez
        Senior Pastor
        Jesus the Sure Foundation, Christian Community Church
        Valenzuela City, Philippines

        • Level Ground Under the cross May 18, 2017 at 4:47 pm

          Pastor Sam please forgive me if my words offended you.
          And Pastor Roy we are all on the same team. ONE BODY. ONE SPIRIT. ONE LORD. The truth is hard to receive sometimes. Consider this “family talk”. Family members opening up wounds in order to heal. True servants don’t cry about things like this. I never meant to judge or stone Pastor Sam. I deliberately didn’t say whether I am also a Pastor or not because Pastors tend to stick together on issues like this which is good to some extent. It shouldn’t be church leaders vs members. It is such self-serving people Jesus came to save and gave us the commission to GO and preach to. Without them we have no church. Perfect ones don’t go to church. All I’m saying we need to rethink the way we do church. Slaves or servants or dead people don’t fight for rights. They have none. Are there agents of darkness hiding in churches to create strife, confusion and division? YES. However, I don’t like it when Pastors who once prayed for God to send such messed up people into their fold turn around and say otherwise when they show their true color. There is NO WAY out brethren. Jesus Christ our Lord and SAVIOR puts up with all of our messes EVERYDAY. Pastor Sam ask the Holy Spirit to reset, and revive you again. Ministry work ain’t easy. Many church leaders around the world victimize their sheep by lording over them…even though Jesus commands against it. Let’s pray that we don’t lose our hope and keep fighting the good fight of faith until the end. The road is long and rough but our Lord promised to walk with us ALL THE WAY. God bless yoiu

      • @LevelGround – As someone who’s experienced more than 1 church division or split, as an associate rather than primary target of the unfortunate schisms, I empathize for & pray with Pastor Samuel. He needs support, encouragement, and love, regardless of his specific situation. It would’ve been better had your reply been condensed to a loving question like, “Did God reveal to you any contribution you had to the rift & any growth experiences as a result you can praise Him for?”
        Pastor Samuel seemed rather contrite in his post, and I trust God continues to work on, in, and through him as he does each of us who live to serve Him.

        In situations I’ve been upfront & close to, I can truly say the splitting dissensions were not orchestrated by God, and ended up hurting many people in a variety of ways. Sheep scattered as the shepherd was stricken, and in every case the end state of the dividers was much lesser than before they divided from the pastor.

        While we live in this body, the world, flesh, and devil will combat our every effort as we serve our Lord. Let’s lift up the arms of our fellow servants, knowing that it pleases Christ. Let’s also leave it to the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to people rather than veer too closely to His role, and in the process drive others further away from the healing God intends for His people who’ve been injured in service.

        I’m concerned the post above could’ve caused Samuel to feel more condemned rather than encourage him in the direction I trust God has been leading him in.
        That type of communication would’ve better mirrored the spirit of what you aimed to suggest he do.
        Please consider this for similar future communications.

        Paul (guided by the Holy Spirit) in his letters specifically named people who came against him.
        God permitted those names to stand for time & eternity to serve as an example of how not to be as a believer. Paul didn’t sin or err – he in righteous indignation & guidance by the Holy Spirit wrote about how he was wronged in his service of Christ & His body the church.

        Blessings in Christ

  3. Great stuff Pastor Rick Thanks so much!

  4. Excellent advice.

  5. Thank you