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  1. I once heard a Pastor who said the words, “90% of us lust and the other 10% are liars.” This left a deep impression on me, because he is right and no matter how hard one tends to keep it under his hat, he cannot hide this great tool that Satan uses to bring down many. You cannot stop what comes into your head, but you can sure stop what comes out. A man cannot go through a whole day without being exempt from sin and this is the very reason I need to repent on a daily basis or I will not make it into the Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. crazydutchwoman January 7, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    What about a husband who had 3 affairs in the first 4 years of marriage, then went into the pastorate, confessed, but never talked it thru with his wife but left her hanging? The wife lived most of their married life carrying this awful burden and it killed the love. Now the husband is disabled with accompanying dementia and the wife knows it will never be dealt with but she still thinks about it almost everyday as it has ruined her life in many ways.

  3. Great article. Been there done that. I did not end up with my affair partner but instead divorce papers. I was a pastor’s wife, mother of 4. I hit absolute bottom. Ruin was my lot, who could heal me?? Thanks be to God–our awesome Counselor and Healer of wounded hearts! My story became HIS story of Redemption, Restoration and Reconciliation told in “Confessions of an Adulterous Christian Woman: Lies that got me there; truths that brought me back”. Published by Beacon Hill. It is a book of hope and if you have fallen into an affair..I encourage you to read I–it will guide you to the only one who can deliver you from your sin and “restore the years that the swarming locusts have eaten away”.

  4. It’s pretty sad that big christian leaders usually stumble in this area. And media plays an important role. There should always be a warning for everyone. And Mr. Bubna has given an provocative and interesting warning! God bless you.

  5. aguywhohasbeenthere December 23, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Please head this write-up. I have been married almost 9 years and have walked down this road when I was young in my marriage. It was after deployments in the military, lustful environment and no standing ground of basic decencies were in my life. I did not follow God and I did not follow right and wrong. I justified everything somehow in my mind knowing what it would lead to, and then convinced myself it won’t make anyone feel bad. It never happens that way. Love Jesus, give your life and you body to him and he will walk beside you, you will know where your standards are, you will have a foundation to build wall on without them falling. Cherish your wife or husband and be thankful for all those great things he or she has been there through in your life. Nothing is worth jeopardizing that love. You will feel guilt, and those that brag, they brag to try to convince themselves they are ok. These are exactly the steps that you will go through. Its not an instant thing, it doesn’t happen in a flash, its not glamorous, fun or something you will want to look back on as an accomplishment. It rots you from the inside out. Jesus loves and said 2 things: Love God, and Love people. Know his love by accepting him into your heart to build your foundations and watch how strong the walls of your house become.

  6. wonderful way to ruin life(ha ha)…..thank you for encouraging words that i’ll guard my heart…