• Mike

    Interesting note about the distractions and the author is right. Men can get distracted and lose sight of what the Father in store. You’ve piqued my interest for an article for http://www.windowsofheavenministries.org, and I greatly appreciate your time and effort in writing this.

  • Mike

    I definitely think there’s something God has placed in men to set and achieve goals. I wonder if there’s a balance to be had with focusing on being present in the moment instead of driven towards purpose.

    I think I heard Os Guinness say once while speaking to a group of Africans they told him, “All you westerners have watches but none of you have time.”

    It seems in America we deal with an addiction to busyness and have a hard time being still and quiet. Maybe men ought to sacrifice some achievement in favor of rest and relationships.

  • Julio Chilela

    Thank you Pr Rick. I knew it, I have forgotten, you remembered me again.

  • Gary Thomas

    Thank you Rick! Helpful, practical, wise words. You are such a blessing.