• Great article!

    I cover several of these reasons and many others in my ebook: When to Leave: How To Know It’s Time to Move On (Before You Stay Way Too Long)

    Sometimes knowing when to leave is harder than figuring out where to go.

    • Agrace

      I am not a Pastor however I have been an Armor Bearer for a couple Pastors and all very successful in life and ministry. However, what I come to realize is that ministry moves on far before the Pastor leaves. Passing batone if I spelled it correctly is difficult when it helps to sustain a life style or financial security net. Neither do may Pastors prepare the body for a early home going and leaves the church without a Pastor recommendation. Awesome topic sir.

  • Stratopastor

    I had one of the 5 reasons listed here and mentally wrote a resignation letter every day for two years, but felt the Lord telling me to hang in there, in fact for several years; then one day my wife and I knew some kind of tide had turned in heavenlies. Despite the circumstances being unchanged and despite our preparedness to hang in there for another 10 years (=retirement age) if necessary, it was specific word from the Lord that gave the timing. Now with hindsight we can see the timing was exactly right for our new pastorate. I want to say ‘amen’ to this article but would add something about specific guidance, whatever medium the Lord might use to speak to us.