How did this make an impact?

  1. God brought them to encourage the church planter, once their time is up, they leave. Without them, it could be discouraging.I have an experience.

  2. Great @keith_carpenter:disqus I support your Idea.
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  3. Matthew Adeniyi Ajayi Omodigbo February 28, 2014 at 2:55 am

    Often time most visioniers do forget the way they started, I use to say that “if a man forget where God took him from, he may never get to where God is taking him. Some of the pastors believes that it’s their reform that Got them to where the church is living a live govern by him alone and no longer God.
    The mistake we make mist times is Pastors can’t be wrong, he is not an angel but human, so it’s important to also care about their lives Incase it’s heading towards hell.
    There are two things involved, the soul of the founding pastor and that of the followers, when a founding pastor become a mini god and defiant in nature because of the size, growth of the church the member can work away if they are desirous of heaven.

  4. I have heard this concept before but have not experienced it first hand. I have watched it happen to church planting colleagues and have listened to the conversations of Church Planting Experts.

    My wife and I and nine others started a church in North Seattle five years ago. All but one are still part of the ministry and he didn’t leave until three and a half years into it. The people who became part of the church early on are still invested members.

    We have had people come and go, people who got involved and then moved on, but it hasn’t been the norm. Then I hear and read the scaffolding concept and almost feel like we are doing something wrong because we haven’t lost everyone. Or maybe we where blessed to start things on a different foot than others. I would like to explore the difference in leadership styles and leadership/starting team development, pre-planting.

    Our maybe we are just an anomaly.

  5. Melanie Boudreau February 27, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    I chose to handle the “time to leave” scenario by leaving unofficially…no point made by the gentle exit, no bells and whistles. Every now and then, I pop back in with well wishes. These are people I love, both in the congregation and in leadership. We thought we were signing up for long haul, but as churches grow and morph, compatibility may change.

  6. I ended up leaving a church plant after 5 years because all my friends had left & I didn’t like the new people that were coming. Uh Oh.

  7. It may be that some leave because they aren’t allowed to exercise their ministry gifts after the “senior leader” starts doing everything. Every joint supplies in the NT church and some probably have preaching / teaching gifts.

  8. The dangerous part of this is when you lean on people so hard to make it work at first but the moment they’re not required to prop up your dream – throw them to the curb

    • Bob, that’s a great point to make. I know that the principle of scaffolding is true sociologically. I also know that ministerially it is absolutely imperative that we make it about people’s souls more than the institution. We’ve lost most of our original attenders in our church plant, but thankfully in almost every case, we’ve parted on good, friendly terms and still keep in touch.

    • I have watched Godly men make mistakes. Men who have done great things for the Lord. Yet when the transgression was made it had consequences. Often time people leave to avoid a conflict that would ultimately shake the stability of the church. It is not our church that we build, it is the Master carpenters. Servants of God make mistakes, people leave, but they shouldnt sabotage the infrastructure already in place on their way out. Seek His will and you will soon find your place in the next great endeavor for our Lord. In closing, I watched two modern day disciples of Christ leave our little region to head west to spread the word of Christ. They had done mighty works in the lives of us here, but now they minister to fellow countrymen in what seems a far away land. Sometimes God just commands you to get up and go!