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  1. I have always had the urge to leave church fast as soon as I have handled all the responsibilities due to me, and not just church, any event where I have to be around many people. I almost always have to have my own time alone after being in the multitude. It takes so much energy to be out there. I used to feel like I was ever running away from people. I would push myself to fit but it was too much. I had to be me. I enjoy my recharge time alone and it always works for me. I get to be me and best at it. (I’m Not a Pastor)

  2. what’s difficult about being an introvert is the feeling of inadequacy you get when people in the congregation don’t allow you much grace for being one.

  3. I also am an introverted pastor. One of the most helpful discoveries for me was to learn that I am also a “Highly Sensitive Person.” HSP is common among introverted pastors. I recommend that you read The Highly Sensitve Person by Elaine N. Aron.

    • Fascinating! I had never heard of “Highly Sensitive Person”, but since I am not only an Introvert but also score high on scales that measure Asperger’s, I am very interested in what Ms. Aron has to say. Thank you!

    • invisiblechurch May 4, 2014 at 3:53 pm

      Yes, we have a pastor who is an HSP. This brings both advantages and disadvantages. He is sensitive to the voices of the congregation which is good. However he is unable to handle criticisms of any kind, and treats them as personal attacks. If someone comments that his sermon is too long, he says people are attacking him. If someone asks why he doesn’t visit any of the church members, it is also another personal attack. So it is very difficult to provide any feedback to him. This HSP behavior also leads him to think that any one who disagrees with him is out to get him sacked.
      HSP is a good thing if it is balanced with a sound mature personality, it is a nightmare when the person is immature in his Christian walk. The latter should never be a pastor until he sorts out his own disfunctional issues otherwise as a leader, he creates more problems in the church than he solves.

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