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  1. Regarding getting advice from leadership, please consider if you have told church members their stories will be shared with others on staff. If you are passing on personal information, let the members know what they shared was not 100% confidential as you take action. Informed consent is best–they should know where the information goes before a one-on-one sharing session ever takes place. Some people say the confidentiality policy should be spelled out in a membership packet and be repeated later before meeting with members.

  2. Wounded by the Church March 22, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    What does one do when the Church ignores a problem started by a person that is known for characteristics of a socio-path and is doing ministry just for show? She leaves a wake of hurtful events….This person has been asked to leave several churches and ministries due to her disobedience to the word of God. At one time this person said, she is above the law and does not need to obey….that is for other people….REALLY? This person leads celebrate recovery and she has not recovered from her severe -hurtful patterns.This church has ignored days, weeks , and months, and now years of AVOIDING Matt. 18: and some leaders chose to listen to the slander of this worship leader…and the slander and intent to hurt flew through the churches, the singles groups, and even throughout single events all over O.C. How can a church allow a person to damage another persons reputation, friendships, and ministries? The church even sent security to “protect” the Drama person because she said she needed it…all based on a lie…I believe it is against the law to support a person that has made up slanderous faulty accusations…You can not make a false report to the law without proof. This one person in the church leadership-counseling program of all areas… added more slanderous lies…by telling everyone that the wounded was asked to leave the church and was told to all that she can not come back without a mental evaluation…another slanderous statement…..What would you do if you were the person slandered and thrown out of a church, ministries, family, and friends that has continued for close to 2 years? Who will stand up against BULLYS in the CHURCH…yes, they have entered the church because of this day and age, there are so many many narcisstic leaders and they use people to get where they THINK God wants them…
    : 714-931-6221