The Difference a Generator Makes

By Matt Steen

A few weeks ago I was a part of The Nines conference. During my presentation, I spoke on the importance of social justice in the church, and how it really is an evangelistic effort. Last night, while sharing dinner with our community group, a friend shared how he thought that recent events on Long Island gave the church an incredible opportunity to care for people, and share Christ with them… I couldn’t agree more. Earlier this week, Theresa and I shared an experience that confirms this:

As many of you know, in the aftermath of Sandy there were (still are) a great deal of homes without power. One of those homes was across the street from us. While we waited for their power to come back on, we made sure that they had the electricity they needed to heat their home and provide them with a modicum of normalcy in the midst of an extreme situation. We made sure they had a hot meal, that their generator was topped off with fuel, and checked in with them on a regular basis. When their power came back on over the weekend, it was a joyous event… and I started to remove the extension cords, power strips, and space heaters that had filled their home. That’s when something cool happened…

While I was packing up, Theresa was having a conversation with our neighbor… an hour into the conversation, Theresa ran up to me and said “we need to give them a Bible… we’ve been talking about Jesus, and we’re going to start studying the Bible together…

We started out taking care of our neighbors as an act of worship… it turned into a potential life changer for our neighbors.

John Maxwell likes to say people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. The way we care for our neighbors, our community, and those we encounter on a daily basis has major implications on the way that they respond to our God. The only way for us to truly care well for those around us is to be intentional about our actions.

How are YOU intentionally caring well for those around YOU?

If you are interested in helping to care well for Long Island, click here for more info.

Matt Steen

Matt Steen loves seeing the church thrive.  Currently serving as a Church Concierge with Church Simple, Matt has served as an executive pastor, youth pastor, and planted a church in Baltimore.  Matt lives on Long Island with his wife Theresa where he secretly leads a resistance movement against the New York Yankees (this might be the Orioles year... or not).  You can follow Matt on twitter (@matt_steen) or at ChurchThought.