Free Download of Pastor Rick and Kay’s ‘How We’re Getting Through’

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Rick and Kay SpeakThe outpouring of love for Rick and the Warren family from all of you pastors and leaders has been incredible. It means more to Pastor Rick personally than you will ever know. Every day we receive new notes of encouragement, and your love is felt.

This past Sunday the 28th, Rick and Kay spoke of the past 16 weeks and their experience through Matthews passing in a sermon called How We’re Getting Through, and we hope there are lessons in this sermon that can be shared in your own church. Please download the transcript, mp3, and sermon outline for free here. (click on ‘parts’ tab)

You can also watch a video of this sermon here.

Download via Saddleback Resources

Pastor Rick is officially back and will be preaching the new 6-part series How To Get Through What You’re Going Through that will use Biblical characters as examples on how to get through life’s difficult times.

1. Part 1 – Shock: When Your World Collapses (Aug 4th)
2. Part 2 – Sorrow: When Your Heart Is Breaking (Aug 11th)
3. Part 3 – Struggle: When You Don’t Understand (Aug 18th)
4. Part 4 – Surrender: How To Experience Peace (Aug 25th)
5. Part 5 – Sanctification: How God Turns Bad To Good (Sep 1st)
6. Part 6 – Service: How To Use Your Pain For Good (Sep 8th)

Thank you again to all you who have supported and prayed for Pastor Rick and the Warren family.

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