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  1. A great way to reach out to the tech savy audience is to do a live meeting on the YOUVERSION bible app (free). They can follow your sermon notes, add their own notes to their ipad, smartphones, and it will save the entire sermon notes within the app. AND, they can even send the entire thing by email to themselves or to friends. Instructions on how to send out the sermon notes are found on the app as well.

    • Hey, Thomas: Could you share one of these ‘live’ meetings on the YOUVERSION app so I could see an example?

      • Tammy, the opening menu of the bible app has an icon in the top left corner that looks like several dashes stacked on top of each other.click and you will see the main menu and an icon called “live”. tap it and see an event that already exists and is located near you. If your church creates a group, then the leader can put the message notes online and others can look for it as well. We are just starting to use this, so the best help is to go to the live tab, click on the “create a group,” and see the instruction video.

  2. Great article Justin. Super practical starting points for generating content. I’m a firm believer that the hardest part of social media isn’t creating content but curating the content from the areas it’s already been created. Thanks for sharing.