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  1. I have been following Pastor Rick since Purpose Driven Church, it makes me ugly to hear the critics of this ministry when they are only listening to other critics… who haven’t listened or read a word from this ministry, ever. Nobody is perfect and everyone’s teaching has a trace of lacking the fullness of perfect doctrine. We won’t be perfect in ideology or theology until we see Him!

  2. dzidzonu elisée June 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    l am a pastor on Togo,west Africa,l start church it is 8 month,but lhave 2 branches in 2 villages,this message make me fine,because l sow on many lives without expect,l know that my salary is with God.l invest to win soul,if tody ldon’t have home or where to put my head,l am glad when someone is save,thank apostle Rick

  3. This is a profound post. Mostly because Pastor Rick has modeled it as God has increased His favor and blessing on his ministry. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the example!