• Raehn

    I loved it

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  • Luís

    Awesome! Great post!

  • Owolabi Olaseni

    i will like you to kindly explain in detail on the following questions
    1. What is patience?
    2. Can someone be truly patience?
    3. Do we lean patience or Receive patience?
    4. is there any reward attached to it?
    5. is it possible for it to stop manifesting in a man that has it?
    6. is there any difference between temperance,long-suffering and patience?

  • Do you have any books related to teamwork that you can recommend (based on bible).?

  • Even though their motive and goal was ungodly, I still think Genesis 11:6, the Tower of Babel, is a classic story for teamwork. They were one and all spoke the same language and nothing was impossible for them. Imagine if we could duplicate that with Godly motives and goals???

  • Rob T.

    What about Exodus 18, where Jethro gives advice for Moses to delegate his work to a team….

  • Harold Murray

    This was cited in the article: “Acts 24: Paul specifically mentions seven people who were part of his ministry team. He brought others along, not only to train them, but also to keep him encouraged.”
    I was unable to find any mention of seven people who were part of Paul’s ministry team in Acts 24. Is the reference misquoted?

    • Rob T.

      I think you are right – I can’t find it either.

      • It’s not Acts 24, it’s Acts 20:4. God bless : )

    • It’s not Acts 24, it’s Acts 20:4. God bless : )