Five Leadership Secrets of Jesus

By Artie Davis

Set of KeysWhen I study how Jesus led, there’s differences in what He did and what we tend to do now. Some of those may be cultural driven, but I think most are “man” driven. We feel we’ve found a way to improve on how Jesus did it. Aaaannnkkk! Wrong!

These are some of the “secret” (the only thing that makes them secrets is that most don’t use them) Leadership strategies I see that Jesus used:

1- Jesus prayed and fasted all night asking God who He should bring on His team.

2- Jesus chose the “uneducated and untrained.” He didn’t choose leaders, He built His own.

3- Jesus trained His followers by example, and then empowered them to do the same.

4- Jesus expected those that were with Him, would do greater things than He did.

5- Jesus gave His life to and for those that were with Him.

These practical truths scream humility and love to me. Jesus was successful at building a group of leaders that would reach the world in their generation. They were successful because they were loved, trained and empowered to do so.

Artie Davis

Artie Davis wears a lot of hats and leads a lot of people. He's Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. He heads the Comb Network and the Sticks Conference. He speaks and writes about leadership, ministry, church-planting, and cultural diversity in the church. You can find his blog at or catch him on Twitter @artiedavis.