• Dwight Clough

    good stuff, as always, Pastor Warren … I love the way you take what we “sort of” know and bring it into sharp focus

  • Kelvin

    Pastor Warren, or anyone of you who’s done it before. I would be interested in your thoughts on Bi-vocational ministry. How can one be effective in Tent making and also planting or pastoring a church? And also maintaining the energy levels.

  • Mike

    “At Saddleback… we really focus on adding more small groups and really pushing people to invite their unchurched friends to some big days.”

    Why does leadership need to coordinate this? Shouldn’t Christ be speaking to people personally? Perhaps one of the reasons for burnout is leaders imposing their vision on people and taking the place of the Holy Spirit.

  • Iamsecond

    Oh, to have you as my senior pastor!