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  1. Theresa Hunsuckle August 16, 2016 at 1:14 am

    Thank You for the story on fear of being hurt. I have been going through this for along time, I think mostly my whole adult life. Honestly really bad for the last year. In December my family made me and my 14 yr old son homeless and I built up a lot of real hard anger. This really helped me and I hope it will keep helping me. Thank You

  2. Brillant!!!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Loved the hugging explanation! My name is Oded Portela and i am a youth and worship pastor @vidasanjuan in Puerto Rico! Thanks for the article!

  4. Yes, we see these fears played over and over, especially as we do ministry and teach church leaders from different denominations here in Nigeria.

  5. how do you deal with fair weather pals, and supposedly mature brethren who are always around when in need but don’t care to lend you a hand when you need them the most

  6. provocative insight! Highly rated and so true….! It aint always easy to go back into the world when your heart has been ripped before…

  7. Sitting at the DC airport heading to my new ministry assignment in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, and realized once again how inadequate I am and how much I must trust in God for my strength. Thanks for the article Pastor Rick – it helped me focus. Thank you Lord for Pastor Rick Warren and his staff. Bless the ministry they do on a daily basis Amen!

  8. Following since a couple of years. Always getting a vitamine injektion and wisdom. @Scott; also for women; wives; youngsters and older in ministry. Thx Rick and thx God ♡ !

  9. Zanthia L. Elikplim January 10, 2014 at 2:41 am

    How I wish I knew this before yesterday. It’s a great piece worth life transforming. Beginning the concepts now. God bless the author.

  10. Thank you for this. My question is how? How do we live in the light? What does that look like?

  11. Just subscribed to pastors.com and this article by Rick Warren is the first one I’ve read. Brilliant. Great for Pastors, husbands, fathers, friends – and those who are all four!

  12. Thank you Pasto rfor sharing your insight. The veil of self protection must be torn down.