• wilbertmutoko2014

    Wow! Thank you Pastor Rick Warren for such an amazing article. Indeed we ought to move with the times in terms of communication; yet as you rightly wrote, we should keep the truth of the Gospel intact. In other words, the Church should be able to contextualize the message, i.e. adapt the message to the circumstances and the receivers of the message.

  • Mike

    “Here’s a simple tradition to break in the 21st century: stop thinking of the church as an institution.”

    How does one not think of church as anything but an institution? It’s a 501-3c organization run by one leader and a board. There are paid staffers and patrons. Each week people file in, face forward and listen to professionals speak.

    Sounds like an institution to me…

  • Phillip Barnett

    Dr Elmer Towns said: methods are many…principles are few. Methods may change…principles never do

  • Nate Warren

    Good stuff. Encouraging read. Let’s all get our heads out of the sand of “this used to work,” and engage people with the gospel where they’re at today.

  • Sherman

    My my, this is such a wonderful article I’m in tears. My heart bleeds for the churches in our area who are stuck in the 70’s.

  • Al Castro

    Thank you Rick, I come from a traditional background but always knew we had to change with the times. Your artical is a welcomed breath of fresh air.