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  1. Derwin,

    Looks like a great book. After being a Christian for 35 years, planting churches, leading teen group, adult groups, international student groups and apologetics classes I think this book on emotional maturity is desperately needed. But first in seminaries before churches. While we all struggles to mature, both emotionally and spiritually, I find that evangelical pastors are some of the biggest offenders. 5 of 6 pastors I have had would rate as “Emotional Adolescents.” Given the list above. When people leave these churches sneaking out the back door after being mistreated by pastors ( I don’t blame them) the members do not get a chance to see that their pastor is emotionally immature and no change or growth occurs. Two pastors of churches larger than 5000 members I have previously attended and worked ( one has been pastor over 40 yrs the other over 25 yrs) both drove out 100s of lay leaders due to their emotional immaturity.

    Truth is we measure our pastors by their ability to teach persuasively not their theology, facilitation of Christian community, or maturity (in fact if someone can repeat back the Pastor’s message in a small group and demonstrate enough sichophancy then they are Leadership material.

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