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  1. Pastor Robert Watson March 4, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Concerning your booklet, “Eight Phrases We Say or Write That Aren’t Correct.” Specifically, Item #3. Yes, the corrected form of the word wreck is wreak, however, the original terminology used for this phrase should be “reek.” When men would come home from battle, after a protracted war or incursion, their wives or families would tell them to bathe because they would “reek of havoc.” The smell of old blood or decaying tissue would precede them, and in an inclosed room, such as a house, it would become almost unbearable. They would be “nauseous” to their loved ones. This became one of the first reasons for people to make and burn incense. It was also one of the reasons that men would burn incense in temple and churches. It was an attempt to not offend God (or gods) with the smell of our decayed flesh rotting from the death of our sins.
    Pastor Robert Watson – Maui Power Chapel – an on the beach ministry.

  2. ‘The proof of the pudding is in the tasting (eating)” I use often to describe Experiential faith through Trust. Unless one has tasted the experience, they will never know what it is like. It’s like explaining to and convincing someone who has never eaten a hot fudge sundae nor heard of it that: 1: it exists, 2 what it tastes like 3 what it feels like ..without using .the word, ‘like’. It is either True or it is not. I think that is possibly why Paul said a few times..”I do not lie”. Convincing people of his experience must have happened often, eg, King Agrippa. Such an experience is So Real, it redefines reality to the only True Reality, all the rest is ‘sinking sand’.. To Experience being Known and knowing and perceiving the Eternity of Him, can result in Seeing that in some way to me, God was more real than I was during the Experience. So Real.

  3. The incorrect phrase that I hear constantly is “I could care less.” Obviously what the speaker really means is “I couldn’t care less.”