Free Ebook: The Global Leadership Summit Summary

By Tim Peters

Leadership Summit SummaryInside these pages you will find thoughts and insights from some of the world’s top leaders. These experienced and respected leaders come from diverse backgrounds and adhere to different philosophies. But they all share one important trait: They’ve responded to the call to leadership and excelled at guiding others toward achieving a common goal.

All these leaders were featured speakers at The Global Leadership Summit. Their reflections, stories and wisdoms are summarized for you here by various contributors who attended their sessions. We hope this content serves you well in journey to be a more effective leader.

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Tim Peters

Tim Peters helps organizations grow by resolving challenges with branding, marketing and technology solutions He loves seeing organizations of all sizes come alive when they identify the best solutions to advance their cause. With 10+ years of branding, marketing, and strategy experience, he has consulted small businesses, mega churches and multi-million dollar for-profit corporations. With a spontaneously creative brain and a systematic personality, Tim is seen by his clients as one of the best idea generators and executors. He lives in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife, Meagan, and their three children. He is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Marketing. In his free time, you will find him hanging out with his family and playing golf. For more thoughts, follow him on Twitter.