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Viral GospelNew eBook! As you think about your place of mission, who has Jesus called you to love intentionally? In this new eBook, missional thought leader Alex Absalom offers a thorough explanation and exploration of the “Person of Peace” strategy that Jesus used throughout His ministry–and Absalom shows us how to identify and reach our own person of peace. Your Person of Peace, he explains, is someone who doesn’t yet know Christ but welcomes you and opens up their network of relationships to you. “Person of Peace is a powerful yet simple concept that Jesus has given to His church so that almost anyone can become an effective witness for Him! I believe that many, many disciples can be released to go out as witnesses simply by implementing this basic strategy that Jesus taught,” Absalom writes. Because Person of Peace is all about honoring existing friendships, reaching your neighborhood or network of relationships becomes natural, not forced or contrived. The Viral Gospel shows you how this 2,000-year-old concept empowers and equips you to reach the people in your place of mission. Download The Viral Gospel here.


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Widely known as a watershed book that has transformed the thinking and practices of church leaders worldwide, Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways is now available in Spanish.

Missional thought leader Alan Hirsch is convinced that the inherited formulas for growing the body of Christ do not work anymore. And rather than relying on slightly revised solutions from the past, he sees a vision of the future growth of the church coming about by harnessing the power of the early church–a movement which grew from as few as 25,000 adherents in AD 100 to up to 20 million 200 years later. Similar meteoric growth has also been recorded in history and is currently being seen in many apostolic movements throughout the world today. How do they do it?

Caminos Olividanos proposes the concept of “apostolic genius” as a way to understand what caused the church to experience exponential growth and impact at various times in history, interpreting it for use in our own time and place. From the theological underpinnings to the practical application, Hirsch takes readers through this dynamic mixture of…

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I am excited to release a new (free) e-book, The Effective Church. There is a lot written about how to be strategic, innovative and cutting edge, but the bottom line for any church is how to be effective. How can we leverage the resources God has given us to make the most impact on our community? In this free e-book I share some common sense (and not so common sense) challenges and solutions for the church that wants to reach people far from God in their neighborhood. This is not a book to read as an individual, but a workbook to dive into as a team.

Topics include:

  • Five resolutions your church should keep
  • How to leverage Christmas and Easter
  • Cracking your church’s secret code
  • Rescuing Sunday School (sort of)
  • Fixing your terrible signs
  • Why visitors don’ come back

Each chapter includes discussion questions for teams to dive deep on what their church does well and where they can improve.  You can download The Effective Church (and other free resources) here. Let me know if the book is useful, thanks!

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Keeping Score: How to Know If Your Church Is Winning For most church leaders today, the idea of keeping score is a mystery about what really counts; what we should count; and how to put points on the scoreboard to know for sure their church is winning and advancing the cause of Christ. In Keeping Score: How to Know If Your Church is Winning–the debut title in Exponential’s 2014 “Seek and Save” free eBooks series– pastor and author Dave Ferguson demystifies the “keeping score” concept to help you create a new scorecard grounded in solid theology and ministry practice that can tell your church if God’s kingdom is winning and advancing Jesus’ mission.

Key Highlights:

  • Three metrics and three questions to help you create a scoreboard that fits with your unique context
  • The difference between the scoreboard and the scorecard
  • Proven help for measuring disciple making, mission and movement making.

Keeping Score, says Ferguson, is a book for everyone who loves the church and its mission–for passionate Christ followers, church leaders and church staff who work really hard to put points on the board. Download Keeping…

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Auxano resources leaders with helpful, sharable tools we call Team UP. These are ongoing, free downloadable materials to help your team create break-thru clarity and realize your unique vision. This download includes 100 of the best quotes from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church. This resource is a splendid visual representation that invites teams to pick their top 3 quotes for sharing and discussion.

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Rick and Kay SpeakThe outpouring of love for Rick and the Warren family from all of you pastors and leaders has been incredible. It means more to Pastor Rick personally than you will ever know. Every day we receive new notes of encouragement, and your love is felt.

This past Sunday the 28th, Rick and Kay spoke of the past 16 weeks and their experience through Matthews passing in a sermon called How We’re Getting Through, and we hope there are lessons in this sermon that can be shared in your own church. Please download the transcript, mp3, and sermon outline for free here. (click on ‘parts’ tab)

You can also watch a video of this sermon here.

Download via Saddleback Resources

Pastor Rick is officially back and will be preaching the new 6-part series How To Get Through What You’re Going Through that will use Biblical characters as examples on how to get through life’s difficult times.

1. Part 1 – Shock: When Your World Collapses (Aug 4th)
2. Part 2 – Sorrow: When Your Heart Is Breaking (Aug 11th)
3. Part 3 – Struggle: When You Don’t Understand (Aug 18th)
4. Part 4 – Surrender: How To Experience…

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We all love great stories. And if you are a church leader, you especially love fresh stories of our Savior-King, Jesus.

A few years ago, we began to grow weary of church success stories that were exclusively about worship attendance. Don’t get me wrong— we celebrate, as readily as anyone, the work of God that explodes with numeric fruit. But we all know that Jesus is moving in ways less visible— or should we say, less platformed— across North America.

So the Auxano team decided to create “a list for the rest of us” - the Unique 19. We want to salute the hard work of creative and faithful visionaries that may never make the “100 largest”or“fastest growing” list. We want to inspire worship of Jesus, the chief visionary and kingdom entrepreneur whose follower-leaders are taking small towns and niche communities by storm. We want to stoke vibrant imagination in every pastor and see new models emerge where photocopied strategies have kept us stuck.

We hope you enjoy the first release of the Unique 19. Every year we will highlight 19 different, unique churches. Throughout the year we will give a peak under the hood, a few churches at a…

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Spectrum of InvolvementDownload this eBook from the Exponential Resource Series, The Spectrum of Involvement: Moving Your People Out On Mission, by Wegner and Magruder.

From Exponential, “In this eBook, through the story of Granger Community Church, you’ll discover practical help in mobilizing people toward mission in incremental steps. People need a series of steps into deeper engagement with mission.”

Download from Exponential

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Francis Chan at SaddlebackThe recent Saddleback sermon series Follow Me has featured some of the best teaching pastors in the US. So far we have heard from Greg Laurie, Francis Chan, Wilfredo De Jesus, Russell Moore, Jud Wilhite, Perry Noble, Judah Smith, and Doug Fields. Our aim is to serve our community of pastors and church leaders. Choose any one part of the Follow Me sermon series as a free download by using the coupon code FOLLOW13 at checkout. Click here. (excludes DVDs).

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ExponentialAs a member of The Rocket Company, I have the privilege of attending some of the greatest Christian conferences possible.  During the first half of 2013, four events in particular stood out.  I am honored to include them in my latest eBook 649 Leadership Quotes:  Timeless Truths From The 2013 Passion, Exponential, Orange, Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Conferences.

The eBook containing 649 leadership quotes is FREE with a subscription to this website.

Here are the events you will learn from:

Passion 2013 was a historic gathering as 60,000 students descended upon the Georgia Dome for an amazing time of worship and to bring attention to the 27 million trapped in slavery around the globe.

Exponential ’13 took place in Orlando during the month of April.  The focus of this conference was DiscipleShift.  While you may be unfamiliar with word, this group of church planters has a deep desire to see churches more effective at making and releasing disciples.

Orange is a Children’s Ministry Conference that every adult should attend.  While there, I made it a point to attend as many Pastors Tracks as possible.  A little preview – the Pastors Lunch is the best session I…

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In Plain SightAmerican evangelicalism has been blindsided. Our cities and our world have changed.  In our missional focus to reach the city, we have realized our inability to reach the entire urban context—specifically the individuals that don’t fit into the majority culture.  Somehow it has been accepted to do ministry and create disciples, while ignoring certain portions that aren’t as accessible; they were quarantined and unseen.

Now, however, it’s impossible to ignore what is quickly taking over.  This new urban – the dense and diverse – is transforming and shaping our culture, society and neighborhoods.  As leaders, we’d be foolish to make our mission anything other than the city in its entirety- beautiful parts and complicated. There’s no more looking the other way.

That is why In Plain Sight seeks to develop a holistic strategy for discipling America’s true urban: those in plain sight.

This free resource includes:

  • A wholistic strategy for making disciples
  • A primer for discipleship in your group of church
  • Insights and perspectives that will shake the status quo
  • A how-to manual on reaching people you have previously overlooked

Download from Verge Network

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Say No to DiscipleshipIt sounds crazy, right? Say no to discipleship? But what if the way we have typically done “discipleship” is not the way Jesus intended for us to make disciples? If we do need to reconsider or stop doing something, what is it? One thing we know–discipleship done in ways Jesus didn’t intend will result in disciples that Jesus didn’t intend, e.g., people who make presentations rather than have presence; who follow moralism rather than the Messiah; and who measure their spirituality with a mirror rather than in community. In this free resource, Jason C. Dukes offers some context to the assertion that we should say no to discipleship as well as five suggested shifts toward discipling as Jesus intended.

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