Free Ebook – The Greater Good: Finding Justice in Grace and Truth by Jay Hein


The Greater Good

Jesus taught that the greatest commandment is to love God with our whole selves (heart, soul, mind, strength) and to love our neighbor as ourselves. However, modern Christianity has too often subdivided these commands: We have the evangelism camp and the mercy camp. Justice requires both truth (loving God) and grace (loving others) to be […]

Free Ebook – Revolutionaries: Men and Women Who Advanced the Gospel



From author Matt Brown, “The untold stories of the people who took Christianity from 0 to 2 billion, along with practical ideas for us to spread the gospel today.” New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead, “Not a 1,000 page encyclopedia of facts but rather a riveting tale, with one story blending seamlessly into the next. […]

Free Ebook – Led: Going With the Spirit


Led Going With the Spirit

Jesus’ last promise was a lasting one–power from the Spirit to effectively reach people through a clear witness (Acts 1:8). This offer is not just for extroverts or cool churches. Every disciple and church can exponentially increase their impact when they understand and prioritize “Spirit-led” ministry. In this eBook, pastor and author Larry Walkemeyer explores […]

Free Ebook: Just Step In – Joining God as He Heals Your City


Just Step In Rich Gorman

As God builds your church, He has a very unique personality in mind for it that is designed to engage your community in very specific ways. But if you’re not careful, you can miss it. In our fast-paced culture, you may feel pressured to define that design before you ever hit the ground. God has […]

2 Free Ebooks: Preaching to the Unconvinced & Sermons for the Unconvinced


Preaching to the Unconvinced

Preaching to the Unconvinced Christians believe, want to know God’s Word 
and come eager to hear your preaching. Non-Christians don’t believe, aren’t that interested in God’s Word, but sometimes end up in your services. So how do you preach to the unconvinced? How do you destroy the negative stereotypes they have about God, the church, […]

Free Ebook: 5 Habits of Highly Missional People


5 Habits

Encouraging your typical church member to live missionally is easier said than done. Most people like the whole missional idea, but aren’t sure what it means for their everyday lives. In this new eBook by internationally recognized missiologist and author Michael Frost, The Five Habits of Highly Missional People: Taking the BELLS Challenge to Fulfill the […]

Free Ebook: The Viral Gospel – How Finding Your Person of Peace Accelerates Your Mission


Viral Gospel

New eBook! As you think about your place of mission, who has Jesus called you to love intentionally? In this new eBook, missional thought leader Alex Absalom offers a thorough explanation and exploration of the “Person of Peace” strategy that Jesus used throughout His ministry–and Absalom shows us how to identify and reach our own person […]

Free Ebook: Caminos Olvidados (The Forgotten Ways)


Caminos Olvidados Cover

Widely known as a watershed book that has transformed the thinking and practices of church leaders worldwide, Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways is now available in Spanish. Missional thought leader Alan Hirsch is convinced that the inherited formulas for growing the body of Christ do not work anymore. And rather than relying on slightly revised […]

Free Download: The Effective Church by Geoff Surratt


The Effective Church by Geoff Surratt

I am excited to release a new (free) e-book, The Effective Church. There is a lot written about how to be strategic, innovative and cutting edge, but the bottom line for any church is how to be effective. How can we leverage the resources God has given us to make the most impact on our community? In this […]

Free Ebook: Keeping Score – How to Know if Your Church Is Winning


Keeping Score

  Keeping Score: How to Know If Your Church Is Winning For most church leaders today, the idea of keeping score is a mystery about what really counts; what we should count; and how to put points on the scoreboard to know for sure their church is winning and advancing the cause of Christ. In Keeping Score: […]

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