Don’t Be a Task Master – Build a Team!

By Chris McAlister

Photo by JohnGreyTurner.

When you’re building a team in a high stakes environment there are two ways to operate:

1. Be a driving task master

– you will get the results but you won’t get grow self-directed leaders

– you will get them to match your passion but they won’t learn to dig deep and find their own fire

– you will get them to focus on the present problem in a state of panic but their energies won’t be able to go towards what is truly urgent


2. Be an architect/environmentalist to create a healthy culture

– the results may not come as fast but healthy growth while slower is more stable

– the leaders who learn to persevere with their own sense of calling will be more likely to develop other leaders

– the team will learn to value consistency over bursts of intensity…you will develop Mary’s who know how to serve rather than Martha’s who run around like crazy

When you are building a team you are the thermostat not the thermometer. Make that space feel safe, warm, cozy, passionate, and intense. 


1. Get clear agreements on who is doing what. Lead the people and manage the agreements rather than vice versa.

2. Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more. (Encouragement, training, and accountability)

3. Pay attention to your intuition. It might be wrong. But don’t gloss over your concerns with systems and/or people.

Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister has pastored and served in churches small and large for over ten years. He is pastor of Discovery Church in Columbus, Ohio. He is an adjunct professor at Capital University and he is the chief facilitator of SightShift events. He counsels, coaches, and trains leaders of all types.