8 Simple Ways to Pour Into Leaders

Windshield Time

In the American church, we tend to think of leadership development as a classroom and curriculum-based process, but Jesus had a better idea: spend time with people. Jesus allowed His life to rub off on His chosen leaders and to pour His wisdom into them, and we can do the same. Sometimes it’s a matter of […]

Orphan Care is More Than Adoption


By Russ Rankin For too long there has been a disconnect between the church and issues surrounding orphan care, according to Johnny Carr, national director of church partnerships at Bethany Christian Services. Carr addresses the issues in “Orphan Justice: How to Care for Orphans Beyond Adopting,” a book from B&H Publishing Group designed to provide […]

Why the Afterlife Bores Us


By Russell D. Moore I have long suspected that many Christians dread not just death but heaven. We won’t admit that, of course. Our hymnody, of whatever era, is filled with songs about the joy of the afterlife, and “what a day of rejoicing that will be.” We’re glad we’re not going to hell or […]

Consecrate the People: Praying in Full Surrender


By Claude King Years ago, while reading one of my dozens of books by Andrew Murray, I learned that our modern posture of prayer (kneeling with hands clasped with head bowed) didn’t come from Judaism but from a medieval ceremony. I undertook a study of that ceremony while writing a booklet, “Consecrate the People: Renewing […]

Video: Hank Hannegraaff On Why Christians Should Attend Church

Must Christians Attend Church?

Hank Hannegraaff chats with Bobby Conway of The One Minute Apologist about why Christians need to be part of a church. This is the kind of clip that’s great to share with people on the fence about the role of the family of God in the life of the believer.

Movement Seeks ’1 Million Men’ to Fight Pornography Addiction


By James A. Smith Sr./Florida Baptist Witness Pornography is the “pink elephant in the pew” — the embarrassing, big subject no one wants to talk about — and that silence is feeding a “bubonic plague” harming churches, pastor Jay Dennis told state Baptist convention executive directors and editors gathered in Oklahoma City. “Our enemy has […]

8 Ways to Celebrate Baptisms at Your Church

Spontaneous Baptisms

When a new believer is baptized, it’s a momentous event. A life’s been changed for eternity! Try these fresh ideas to make baptism a true celebration: Smile. Express true joy. Baptism is a holy ordinance, but it’s also a joyful event. I love it when the church breaks into spontaneous cheers or applause. Get personal. […]

Practice Stewardship: Pass on What You’ve Learned to Other Churches

Helping Hand

By Jimmie Davidson “You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” (2 Timothy 2:2 NLT) As a new member of the Saddleback staff, I know I’m here because of the principle […]

Study Clue: What’s In an Old Testament Name?

By Mark Coppenger It’s fun to study surnames, or last names, as distinguished from Christian names, or first names. Back in history, when things got crowded, they had to add second names to sort out all the people named “John” or “James” or “Mary” or “Ruth.” So they turned to four contextual features — location […]

Spiritual Growth: Teach Submit Rather Than Commit to Christ


If you want to start a heated debate among a group of Christians, just bring up Paul’s admonition that wives should submit to their husbands. But that debate is a distraction from the bigger issue: All Christians must submit to Jesus. Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer has convinced me that the number one reason so many of […]

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