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  1. Brandon, I really like your articles. The concepts you talk about are so foreign to some people, due denominational expectations, traditions, etc. It is refreshing – thank you.

    I learned about 10 years ago to stop recruiting people for ministry (especially cancelling the word ‘need’ out of any presentation). He is God and can handle it very well on His own. So what is ministry then?, a place for us to see God working through us and for others to see God (a witness). When we serve Him, others benefit. Ministry is a place to see God’s blessings at work.

    My mantra changed to: What has God called you to do / why are you here? Then let me help you get going on it.

    A Pastor/Shepherd is suppose to train and equip. Unfortunately so many congregants would say they are not equipped at all to talk to their neighbor. sigh. So are we teaching them to fish or just handing them a fish for personal consumption?