Develop a Plan for Your Communication Team

By John Herring

PhoneWe can develop all kinds of great plans based on the vision and direction for our church or ministries, but if we do a poor job communicating those plans we limit our success. It’s been said that by the time we get tired of communicating the message, that is when our people finally start to hear it. That’s why having a plan for communicating is important. A couple of years ago, I stumbled into creating a Communications ministry when I realized I was having the same conversations with multiple people about how to communicate our ministry happenings in multiple ways to our church.

As I formed this team, I developed the following direction and plan for the ministry:

This ministry exists to communicate effectively to the our church family as well as the community in which we minister. The underlying goal of this ministry is to manage perception of our church through the different forms of communication we use.’

Message Mapping

This is the process of identifying upcoming events and happenings in the church and ministries that will need communicated and the most effective way to communicate it. Monthly promotional plans includes Sermon Series, Events, Ministry Opportunities and Other necessary areas to communicate.



Design a new site every 3 to 4 months, maintain current information, keep it relevant and fresh, continue to develop additional facits to enhance this communication and keep it important for members to frequent and guests to navigate easily

On Site Communications

We use table ads, worship handouts, Invite Cards, Posters, video/power point loop prior to services and banners as needed, and email newsletters.

Off Site Communications

This would cover Radio, Newspaper, Billboards, Magazines and any other off site advertising or marketing

Social media

This has become an important tool for almost instant communication to our church. We encourage people to become fans of our church. At the same time we manage the amount of communication through this source so that it doesn’t become white noise.


Banners, Logos, Images for services, series graphics, other imagery needs

Service Host

This is someone or a group of people (usually staff or key people) who is articulate and can engage people from the ‘stage’. They should be able to welcome people to services and make each person feel comfortable as well as clearly communicate upcoming events.

Initially many of these areas may be doubled up on the same people. But the goal should be to eventually develop people to take on one area of communication as a leader and then develop ministry teams of people to work in each area with them. This works great to meet with the team leaders (which makes up the Communications Team) to cast vision and simplify the messages and then allow them to work with their teams to make it happen. I found that meeting with them about every 6 weeks is effective.

John Herring

John Herring recently served as a Pastor at Oasis Church in North Little Rock where he covered multiple bases administratively, overseeing missions, communications, and other hats too. He is now preparing to plant a new church in southwest Missouri. He blogs at Inside Ministry and offers practical help to church leaders everywhere.