Cross the Street, Reach the Nations


A missionary with years of experience in the Muslim world was visiting back home in the United States when he struck up a friendly conversation with an immigrant shop owner. “I said, ‘Thanks for coming to America,’” the missionary recalls. The shop owner was moved almost to tears. “He put his arms around me and […]

PRAY to Deepen Your Influence on Social Media


PRAY is an acrostic to remember when thinking about how to expand the reach and influence of your ministry on Facebook.  Here are the four steps to follow: Personal Relational Actual You Each of these steps taken together can turn even a small ministry into a world changing force. Last April 1, a ministry of […]

Got Survey Questions?

Green Cross.Crosses

LifeWay Christian Resources offers you the opportunity to add questions to one of their up-coming surveys. Get reliable answers to the questions you are asking. Email LifeWay Research today ( for pricing and information on reserving space on an upcoming survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors, a survey of adult Americans, or your custom needs. LifeWay […]

Preach Simple Truths; Be Clear and Understandable


Jesus didn’t cloud his messages with technical or theological jargon. He spoke in simple terms that normal people could understand. We need to remember that Jesus did not use the classical Greek language of the scholar. He spoke in Aramaic. He used the street language of that day and talked of birds, flowers, lost coins, […]

On Responding to False Accusations

Holy Bible

About a week ago a reporter published an article in the Orange County Register about Saddleback Church that contained many errors and false assumptions: It erroneously stated that we have a partnership with a local Muslim mosque. That is false. It erroneously reported that we had agreed to not evangelize with Muslims. That is false. […]

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How to Grow Without Selling Out


I was coaching a church planter recently who asked this question: “How do we grow without selling out?” This is a great question! The answer will give you greater clarity to your mission. When I heard his question, I immediately thought of three questions that would help him to discover how to answer this question […]

How Do You Lead: Informational or Transformational?


Did Jesus develop leaders to be informational or transformational? The New Testament leaps up into our faces and says, “Transformational.” Robots are informational. Humans are created to be transformational. At Transformation Church, one of our core values is Leadership Development. Our source of inspiration was 1 Peter 2:9. Every Christian is a “Royal Priest” and […]

Why You Should Consider a Mobile App For Your Church?

Mobile Apps

Why would you consider a mobile App for your church?  Consider that there are 5.2 BILLION mobile phone users in the world right now. What if you could easily connect to the thousands that live near your church? What if there was an App of your church that people could download to their phones so […]

5 Things a Pastor Should Never Say


Ever heard a pastor say something that made you cringe? We pastors say a lot. From the stage, to the phone, in an email, and in passing conversations, we are communicating with people most of our days. And while much of what we share is (hopefully) helpful, there are certain things that should never be […]

What to Say When Someone is Hurting

Faith, Hope, Love

No eyebrows. Bald head. Fifteen pounds underweight. Ghost-white skin. When I was undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy for stage IV cancer, I couldn’t hide. It didn’t take people long to realize I was in a life-and-death struggle. When I talked to others, I could tell they were at a loss for words. What can you […]

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