It’s Okay to Be an Uncool Church



Is your church defined more by its reaction to “boring” churches than by its response to a needy world? I had to sympathize with rock singer Bono when he discovered he was uncool. Uncool? The frontman for supergroup U2, one of the biggest bands in the world? The activist who travels the globe and meets […]

Like Jesus, Challenge Those You Lead



Jesus consistently challenges his followers. And, because we’re each unique, Jesus knows each of us need a different type of challenge – Jesus will challenge your priorities. Jesus demands to set the agenda in our lives and ministries. He will ask us to give up many things so that we will match our priorities with […]

Ten Things to Do When You Get Tired in Church



Ever get tired during a church service? Don’t lie. You know you do. Ever doze off? Ever act like you didn’t doze off and think you fooled your friends? Don’t lie. I was speaking recently and noticed a couple of guys in the back nodding off. I’m sure they had had a tough week. Probably […]

When the Pastor is a ‘Museum Curator’



  Most pastors inevitably will face three common criticisms. The most common of the three is the issue of worship style and music. Although worship wars have abated a bit over the past few years, every pastor can be assured that there will be a few people in the congregation who don’t like something about […]

Is Your Church Late to the Mobile Party?


Mobile Phone

“With half of the total U.S. population already accessing the Web through smart phones and tablets, a mobile platform is a necessity.”  That is a quote from an article in the April 12th edition of the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Is Your Company Late to the Mobile Party?  Using that article as a spring board […]

Fresh Ideas: Create a Walking Tour of Your Church Building



Summertime’s coming, and you might be surprised how many people in your community would enjoy a walking tour of your church building. Whether it’s large or small, your church building is a beacon in your town. Who would take a church tour? Schedule a special tour for parents as they drop their children off for […]

Biblical Ethics: Seven Simple Rules for Tweeting



By Guest Contributor Chuck Fuller Just six years after its advent, Twitter boasts around 500 million users and has been recognized by MLA as a citable source in academic papers. With no “friendships” to maintain, Twitter offers the ultimate in low-maintenance networking. Any user may follow or unfollow any other user. With hashtags, anyone may join […]

Cross the Street, Reach the Nations



A missionary with years of experience in the Muslim world was visiting back home in the United States when he struck up a friendly conversation with an immigrant shop owner. “I said, ‘Thanks for coming to America,’” the missionary recalls. The shop owner was moved almost to tears. “He put his arms around me and […]

PRAY to Deepen Your Influence on Social Media



PRAY is an acrostic to remember when thinking about how to expand the reach and influence of your ministry on Facebook.  Here are the four steps to follow: Personal Relational Actual You Each of these steps taken together can turn even a small ministry into a world changing force. Last April 1, a ministry of […]

Got Survey Questions?


Green Cross.Crosses

LifeWay Christian Resources offers you the opportunity to add questions to one of their up-coming surveys. Get reliable answers to the questions you are asking. Email LifeWay Research today ( for pricing and information on reserving space on an upcoming survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors, a survey of adult Americans, or your custom needs. LifeWay […]

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