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  2. Wow! Really interesting take. I just wrote an article about pitching startup businesses ( http://alexanderberger.me/post/31509536569/how-to-pitch-a-startup-to-investors ) but I never considered that the same idea could be used in a church. I’ll have to mention this to my pastor!

    • Yes, it would seem most appropriate for a church. After all, why do we exist and what are we hoping to accomplish…as a local church, I mean? ;-)

      Let me know if your church puts one together. I’d love to hear it!

  3. Greetings,
    I found this very interesting, and I personally believe that this could help a visitor who is visiting in search of a church to feel that a relationship with Christ and the church could be very much fulfilling to a person. Overtime, I have attended different churchs and found the parishioners are very friendly and ect, but when I would return a few times that church was not meeting my spiritual needs.
    In the end, a person should be open to God’s leading to where to go, but sometimes if a person is unsure that it is God leading they could get involved with a church as a result of emotions and not for the right reasons.
    These questions may seem worldly, but in reality they are very much legit. If the church leadership could not answer them, then I believe they should reassess their position and ministry within the community.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jesse.

      Your spin on it is not something I even considered myself…and it is a great spin! I never considered it from the point of a visitor who might look at the elevator pitch (or Purpose Statement) and ask themselves, “Is that something I want to be a part of” or, “Based upon that Purpose Statement, will this church meet my needs for a church.”

      I really appreciate your thoughts here. It has opened my mind a bit more on how to address this issue at my own church. Thank you!