Books: Today Is the Day by Bil Cornelius

Today Is the Day

Editor’s Note: We often post announcements about new books to keep our readers informed. Please do not consider this an official endorsement. We all have dreams God has placed in our hearts, but many things keep us from fulfilling them. Fear of failure, insecurity about our financial situation, self-doubt, and more erode those ambitions until […]

Free Download: The Effective Church by Geoff Surratt

The Effective Church by Geoff Surratt

I am excited to release a new (free) e-book, The Effective Church. There is a lot written about how to be strategic, innovative and cutting edge, but the bottom line for any church is how to be effective. How can we leverage the resources God has given us to make the most impact on our community? In this […]

Free Ebook: Keeping Score – How to Know if Your Church Is Winning

Keeping Score

  Keeping Score: How to Know If Your Church Is Winning For most church leaders today, the idea of keeping score is a mystery about what really counts; what we should count; and how to put points on the scoreboard to know for sure their church is winning and advancing the cause of Christ. In Keeping Score: […]

Books: Invest – Your Gifts for His Mission


Life is the greatest asset you’ll ever have. Are you wasting it, or investing it? Sutton Turner spent his first 35 years accumulating everything a man could want: a successful business, a beautiful wife and kids, a golf swing, lots of money, and plenty of free time to enjoy the finer things. But he could […]

Pastor, You Need the Refuge of a Gospel Community

Starting Small

We pastors are good at our individual faith. Really good. We can pray. We can read. We can introspect. We can “interpret.” We can do a “quiet time.” We can study. We can exegete. But we pastors aren’t so good at sharing our faith. I mean, we can share it from stage. Woven into generic […]

Book: God Distorted – Why Fathers Matter So Much to Our Faith

God Distorted

The following is adapted from the first chapter of God Distorted by John Bishop. I know people who have incredibly blessed relationships with their fathers. But sadly, in my experience, they are the minority. Mostly I hear stories of people who feel abandoned, devalued, criticized, and unable to measure up. I have heard stories of horrible […]

The Power of Preaching a Limitless Life

Labels Cross

Last Sunday, we wrapped up our teaching in the series Limitless Life, based on the book by Derwin Gray by the same title. The basic idea is that we are all limited by the labels we wear. Some of those labels were given to us by other people and others, we’ve applied to ourselves. But none of those […]

Books: What Every Pastor Should Know

What Every Pastor Should Know

Pastors and church leaders are constantly faced with strategic questions. How much staff does the church need? How many workers are needed in the nursery this month? When is the right time to start a second worship service? How many people should we train for evangelism this year? How does seating and parking impact worship […]

10 Indispensable Practices of the 2-Minute Leader

2 Minute Leader

One of the biggest challenges Christian leaders face is how to create a leadership culture in our churches.  We all want to do it but frankly lack the tools to make it a reality. That is why we’re excited about Brian Dodd’s new book and accompanying study 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader.  Brian […]

How to Open Your Church to Your Community and Vice Versa


Anyone who has written a book knows the feeling of satisfaction when you finally see your long, hard hours of work make it to the printed page. (It usually takes about a year even after the completed manuscript is turned over to the publisher before the book finally arrives!) So, I am particularly excited about […]

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